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Ventana Research Launches Dynamic Insights for Machine Learning

New research on machine learning will guide professionals with best practices and steps forward

Bend, OR / Jun 02, 2017 / by Ventana Research

Ventana Research announced today its newest market research endeavor on machine learning using its latest innovative service, Ventana Research Dynamic Insights. This new approach to research comes from the industry’s most trusted market research provider; one that has built its reputation on research facts that reliably guide buyers and organizations through evaluating the performance and effectiveness of their current environment and enables them to determine next steps. The new Ventana Research Dynamic Insights methodology delivers market research that can provide insights into the state of a market continuously and identify changes as they happen rather than in the time-delayed approach which is the industry-standard today.

The focus is on machine learning. It is one of the key topics of expertise for Ventana Research and a subset of its focus on analytics and big data which are supercharging a new generation of tools and applications. Over half of a million professionals have “machine learning” in their professional job title alone, providing proof that the shift in focus has occurred. Machine learning is the application of specific data science algorithms that become more accurate as the system records more outcomes and processes more data, and in turn, will result in people and technology being smarter and faster in their operations.

The Ventana Research Dynamic Insights on machine learning immediately provides to the research participant a dynamic assessment of his or her company’s efforts as well as research and experience-based advice on potential next steps to improve. For our clients, this will expand their opportunity to receive trusted and actionable research to support decisions within their organization. The real-time research results range from prioritizing application and technology investments to best practices that are most relevant to the organization’s efforts. The focus on machine learning uses the company’s extensive subject matter expertise and market research knowledge across lines of business and industries, combining them with state-of-the-art analytics and big data knowledge.

"Machine learning is fundamentally changing the technology industry and professional skills of organizations to examine the potential of data science and its programmatic efforts across business and IT,” said Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research. “The opportunity to transition from legacy systems and methods of technology to the new digital future is significant and the organizations that adopt applications and tools with embedded and interconnect machine learning will be those that are able to survive in an evolving market.”

The Ventana Research Dynamic Insights is now available to participants for Machine Learning

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