Tackling the problems of sending service technicians to customer sites

Our expertise comes from our unique research and decades of experience not found anywhere else in the industry. It can help you make Field Service tools and processes impactful to your organization. Consider these insights as you look to assess and improve your customer support efforts.


Field service is the branch of customer support that dispatches skilled technicians to remote sites to fix, install or upgrade customer equipment. It involves the scheduling and management of teams, the availability of support documentation and data remotely, and the measurement of the resulting customer experience.

Research Fact

With 52% of organizations citing customer profitability as a key financial metric, and 42% citing service costs, it is more important than ever to create smooth processes guiding expensive field service operations.

Best Practice

Organizations should streamline the number of hand-offs between partners and contractors in field service operations in order to reduce the chances of error and inconsistent information.


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