About Us


Our Mission

We pride ourselves on delivering uniquely insightful independent research and services
through a tailored, trusted and empathic client experience.


Our Vision

To illuminate the value of technology through our unique insights.

The Ventana eXperience (VX)

The Ventana eXperience (VX) represents who we are as a firm. It reflects our philosophy and how our firm operates daily, and it is built into our mission statement.

We do not take these words lightly. We believe there must be an empathic approach that extends across every touchpoint in the client journey, and that we must always act in accordance with five core principles:

1. We listen to your goals

2. We engage with your team

3. We align with your needs

4. We continually improve our services

5. We deliver on the value promised

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Our Values


We believe quality of work
and tailored approach
delivers highest value.


We are objective
and unaffected by
the influences of the industry.


We always provide
cutting edge research
and services to the market


Working with commitment to our
clients and an empathy of their
needs and concerns, we deliver
consistent value that instills
confidence in our firm.


We provide research insights based
on industry leading methods to
assess and educate the industry.


We work collaboratively and with
commitment to ensure that our
clients realize their full potential.

Working with Technology User and Providers

We work with both users of technology and the providers that build the technology, increasing alignment between both. 
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