Finding the Right Technology

Having the right tools can only go so far. We believe it takes the right balance of people, processes, information, and technology for businesses to succeed, and help clients address technology in this holistic way instead of focusing on only features or implementations.





Leveraging Expertise and Research

Utilizing our primary benchmark research and decades of experience from our analysts, our technology providers services focus on education, assessment, and advisory.



Often it can be difficult to see how your plans fit into a larger market picture. Our advisory services provide a way for technology providers to get an expert, objective, outside opinion to critically analyze plans and goals, provide feedback on how to innovate and execute across your organization, and help you improve your market effectiveness.



Ventana On-Demand

Ventana On-Demand helps technology vendors to understand market trends and maintain their competitive edge. With Ventana On-Demand, you can tap into a dedicated client team that provides guidance based on expertise and experience using the latest market research to build buyer trust. 

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Digital Advisory

In advisory sessions, an industry analyst provides immediate, relevant guidance on a topic of the client’s choice. They provide an informal opportunity to discuss and receive feedback. These sessions last up to one hour and additional research consulting hours can be purchased for more detailed guidance. Sessions are only available through Ventana On-Demand Services.

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Gain a competitive edge by using expert market-based advisers and exclusive benchmark research to gain specific next-steps through a methodical discovery-to-guidance process that will increase your market potential.



Market Assessment

Lead by an industry analyst and subject matter expert, Assessment services occur in several phases; discovery, insights, and guidance. Our assessments are designed to improve your overall market efforts or specific work inside of marketing, sales and product organizations to help you prioritize areas for improvement using our experience and market knowledge.

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Market Consultation

Market consulting is available in hourly, half- or full-day increments. During these sessions, an industry analyst assesses and analyzes a topic and supporting areas as relates to a market segment, utilizing our benchmark research and value indices. These sessions include insight and research facts and can be purchased either as a separate service or as a supplement to an Advisory or Strategy Session.

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Speaking Services

Our expert industry analysts will help your prospective buyers and customers at an industry or company event with a mix of research and insights to motivate and educate your audience.

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Strategy Session

Strategy sessions help clients better understand the market and their business situation. Along with subject matter expertise, analysts provide guidance through our exclusive research, which includes insights and facts on buyers and markets. Fees for the strategy session include preparation time; we offer two-hour virtual meetings or half- or full-day on-site sessions.

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Workshops are led by our experienced industry analysts and research directors. They occur in several phases; from pre-workshop prep and planning to a kickoff to execution and delivery that is onsite to the post-workshop follow up to ensure engagement objectives are met. Our workshop services can improve your overall marketing efforts and bring the experience and expertise you deserve for your organization to help you prioritize and perfect your goals.

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We provide thought leadership and digital content that improves your marketing and sales effectiveness. In a world where business and IT professionals can search and find information in seconds, we can help by creating cohesive education through our expertise and research to will help you improve your engagement with your target prospects and customers. Our services can be bundled together and customized to fit your specific needs.

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Education through illustrative digital content that provides a story to guide organizations on the essential need for change and improvement through using technology.

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Build awareness and importance on a topic through the visual illustration of key points in a highly targeted content piece, using research facts from our exclusive benchmark research.

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Pre-recorded audio discussion between an analyst and our head of research or a member of your team using our expertise and knowledge of the industry.

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Q&A with Analyst

An interactive dialogue with an industry analyst through a question and answer format that elevates the importance of key points in an easy-to-read and observational experience.

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Research Perspective

Authoritative digital content designed to create awareness of an issue or opportunity. It is a discussion starter, designed to create an interest in further education.*

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A short survey, that once taken, provides immediate guidance using best practices and research for buyers; it guides their next steps and facilitates actions based on their responses.

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To engage the industry and broader audience through social media channels requires objective dialogue with an industry analyst in a live and interactive manner.

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A video featuring our industry analysts to present and educate your audience on a specific topic backed by our research and expertise.

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Provides the industry analyst perspective on a subject or topic in a couple of pages of content to create awareness and insight for the buyer to engage further.

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Live or recorded educational session from industry analyst presenting insight and guidance on industry trends and issues to empower the participant to engage further.

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White Paper

An authoritative and research-based in-depth exploration covering a specific business and technology-related issue. It articulates the opportunity and value for the industry that your company addresses.*

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* - Content pieces also available in an interactive format with or without an audio overlay. See some examples: eBook, Research Perspective 


We provide expert guidance to help organizations manage and optimize performance – to become not only more efficient but more effective. Our unparalleled insights and best practices guidance are based on our rigorous research-based benchmarking of people, processes, information and technology across business and IT functions worldwide.




Analyst Perspective

An industry analyst’s fact-based and independent perspective on business and technology trends, events or specifically on a vendor and product offering.†

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Benchmark Research

Providing industry and independent market research in a summarized, key insight or best practice benchmark report providing insight to inform and help organizations improve†.

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Dynamic Insights

Dynamic Insights are high-level research initiatives that also provide custom feedback based on survey responses. Based on our benchmark research & market expertise, they can be used as independent research support and as a content engagement program.†

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Value Index

The Ventana Research Value Index reports showcase an independent evaluation of the market of vendors in your category and highlight your company and products in an objective manner†.

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- Can be licensed, but not commissioned

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