Sales Engagement tools are aimed at helping people sell! 

Our focus on understanding the interaction of sales and technology, and our experience in researching the effectiveness of different approaches means we focus on the business benefits that technology can bring. We highlight those technologies that help you sell to manage for better revenue outcomes.


Traditionally CRM sales technology has been primarily used as a system of record and as a sales management tool. With declining quota attainment across the board, new technologies are emerging to focus efforts on improving the effectiveness of salespersons to close more business.

Research Fact

Over 75% of organizations have not established a sales engagement discipline to ensure the selling experience is supported with the technology to empower effective achievement.

Best Practice

Much focus is made on tracking the “deal however deals are closed by people. More focus should be used on analyzing what a good salesperson looks like and provide tools to assist in the sales process, not just planning and management.


With the increase in both internal and external data about customers, prospects and industries, new techniques such as AI can be deployed to help both identify ideal salespersons profiles and to help in the selling process. To learn more, sign up for notifications covering sales engagement and we’ll ensure you get all our most recent research and perspectives on this important subject.