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Ventana Research is the leading market research and advisory services firm. We provide expert guidance to help organizations manage and optimize performance – to become not only more efficient but more effective. Our unparalleled insights and best practices guidance are based on our rigorous research-based benchmarking of people, processes, information and technology across business and IT functions worldwide. 

Ventana Research stands out in its laser-sharp focus and its passion and determination to help organizations reach their full potential. Our dedication to high quality education and research through our methodology generating broad scope of quality types of research notes we call perspectives and a portfolio of educational content and insights. Our focus is to help organizations in expertise and focus areas use business technology effectively to manage operations and performance in the resilient manner and enable the readiness of the workforce.

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Our research is dependent on market participation. In order to have the most accurate and reflective data, we are constantly expanding our network of research participants. And you can help. From research sponsorships and promotion, to value index participation and facts & chart usage, there are many ways to contribute and improve our research. Fill out the form below and discover how you can help ensure our data reflects the true nature of the market.


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