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Using our research, best practices and expertise, we help you understand how to optimize your business processes using applications, information and technology. We provide advisory, education, and assessment services to rapidly identify and prioritize areas for improvement and perform vendor selection

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    We provide guidance using our market research and expertise to significantly improve your marketing, sales and product efforts. We offer a portfolio of advisory, research, thought leadership and digital education services to help optimize market strategy, planning and execution.

    Consulting & Strategy Sessions

    Ventana On Demand

      Services for Technology Vendors

      We provide guidance using our market research and expertise to significantly improve your marketing, sales and product efforts. We offer a portfolio of advisory, research, thought leadership and digital education services to help optimize market strategy, planning and execution.

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        Maximize Value in Technology Investments

        Utilizing technology that best fits your needs today and in the future is not as easy as it sounds. The balance of business priorities that utilize technology in a streamlined manner requires the knowledge to effectively assess existing vendors while assessing new ones. We believe it takes the right balance of prioritization of people, processes, information, and technology for organizations to succeed, and have the practical insights in the manner that makes the most sense.





        Utilize Expertise and Research Effectively

        Utilizing our decades of research and experience is essential to ensure the most prescriptive guidance possible. Our market research, including our firm's benchmark research and Buyers Guides, provides the ability to assess and evaluate your requirements in the most direct manner through our consulting, advisory and education services designed for enterprises.



        Assessing and selecting technology and associated providers is challenging. IT resources are stretched thin. Software providers are not always as clear on their strategy or roadmap and the path to modernize and simplify the portfolio is complex with the broad range of options across the cloud. To turn these challenges into opportunities, businesses and IT must ensure they get the maximum return on the time, resources and financials they invest. Our Assessment and Workshop services are designed to accelerate your efforts and can augment the requirements for conducting an RFI to gain the knowledge to make critical technology decisions. Instead of just advisory or never-ending consulting hours type approaches, we provide a fixed time and price approach to meet your needs.


        The Benefits

        Strategy and Roadmap

        A firm foundation to ensure the success of your initiatives to support your business processes and technology requirements.

        Maximize Performance

        Utilizing market research and expertise you can maximize the return from technology investments while focused on the outcomes that are needed.

        Increased User Adoption

        Through better alignment of technology to the roles and responsibilities of individuals in your organization.

        Decreased Project Risk

        Through fostering an understanding of the vendor landscape that maps your requirements to your business needs.

        Reduced Costs and Increased ROI

        Our methodology will align your people, processes, information and technology to ensure you make the right choice and gain highest ROI.



        Our advisory service called Ventana On-Demand (VOD) helps organizations understand technology strategies and gain the best possible outcomes from existing and new technology investments. With VOD, you will tap into a dedicated client and analyst team that will help you use our valuable subject-matter expertise and experience in technology. Empower your efforts with industry analysts that can provide answers to critical questions and gain the guidance needed to maximize your potential.

        Ventana On-Demand

        Ventana On-Demand (VOD) enables organizations with an effective approach to work with Ventana Research in a high-value engagement approach to help you reach your goals. The service is designed to provide human and digital self-service to access insights and to schedule industry analysts to utilize the subject-matter expertise and experience needed to optimize your technology strategy and gain the best possible outcomes.

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        Knowledge Sessions

        In one-on-one or one-to-many advisory and knowledge sessions, our subject-matter expert research analysts provide objective advice and insights on technologies and vendors in the context that you expect. We can provide you with knowledge tailored to your specific requirements and provide actionable recommendations needed for your organization.

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        Leading companies are those that have focused their business and IT investments to improve business processes and performance. Our Education Services provides the vehicle for becoming one of those companies.

        Drawing on our unique, independent research and expertise, we deliver the knowledge needed to use technologies and tools to attain peak performance. We have benchmarked thousands of organizations using our unique methodology that covers four key competencies; people, process, information and technology, and assess them across a four-level market performance model and rating. But most importantly, our approach is flexible. Our education delivers the curriculum you need at the pace you want. On-demand content supplemented by Web conferences and telephone or video consultations gives you exactly the training you need, on your schedule, at any time, any day of the week.



        Graphics and text in an easy-to-consume digital format that tells a story using our research and subject-matter expertise to educate the reader and encourage action.



        Visual illustration of key points on a topic in a highly targeted content piece, using research facts from our exclusive benchmark research to build awareness and interest.



        Recorded audio featuring our Research Director and a member of your team discussing current industry topics and key themes from our research.



        Written dialogue with our industry analyst in a question-and-answer format that identifies important market themes and elevates key points in an engaging layout.


        Research Perspective

        Written investigation designed to create awareness and start discussion about a specific topic using our subject-matter expertise and market research.



        A short interactive digital survey that provides immediate feedback and guidance toward next steps for buyers using best practices and our research.



        A professional, studio-produced video featuring our Research Director presenting on a specific topic backed by our research and industry expertise.

        Vertical Content

        Educational content developed to focus on specific vertical industry sectors, increasing relevance, relatability and impact for your audience.



        Video content directed by your own video production team featuring the Research Director discussing our research and analysis on a specific topic.



        Our Research Director's written perspective on a topic in a focused, two-page piece designed to create awareness and offer insight to encourage buyers to engage further.



        Live or recorded session featuring our Research Director presenting insight and guidance on industry trends designed to encourage the participant to engage.


        White Paper

        An in-depth, research-based exploration covering a specific industry topic designed to articulate the opportunity and value that your company brings to the marketplace.

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