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The need for hospitality organizations to modernize their digital computing environment requires business and technology investments that can innovate and streamline its processes. To ensure your digital effectiveness requires insights to how the entire set of customer processes provide the most effective engagement through marketing channels and utilization of the workforce at every location. Effective digital environments that maximize technology investments and provide the digital experiences desired by consumers for optimal engagement at every interaction. How hospitality organizations unify their revenue and monetization of customers and locations at every touchpoint requires insights from data and is one part of the essential path forward to achieve its objectives.

Ventana Research offers expertise and research-based guidance to help hospitality organizations through our business and technology advisory to use our subject-matter expertise and meet the business resilience required to reach optimal outcomes. Going beyond traditional digital transformation consulting approaches requires the experience of how to gain the return on the organization’s resources and digital technology investments. Ventana Research can help.

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By 2024, three-quarters of hospitality organizations that deploy HR help desk-focused intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) will benefit from new levels of auto-resolution.


Quincy Valencia

VP & Research Director

Creating a Hospitality Information Supply Chain

In the hospitality industry, having the right information accessible delivers a competitive advantage, increases operational efficiencies and improves communications.

White Paper
Modernizing Compensation in Hospitality Management

To keep employees engaged and productive, hospitality must of course compensate them appropriately—while not overpaying them and running the risk of eroding the bottom line.

White Paper
Continuous Hospitality Planning for Modern Marketers

As competition increases and consumer preferences shift with greater frequency, the pressure on marketing to reach potential guests and patrons intensifies.

Research Perspective
Five Best Practices for Revenue Planning in Hospitality

Planning must involve a range of stakeholders from various roles, use a systematic process, incorporate all relevant information and be supported by capable software designed for this purpose.

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Ventana Research provides a subject matter expertise-based Market Agenda built from our industry experience and market research methodology to provide business and technology insights for your vertical industry. This foundation provides actionable information and guidance to help you identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Unlike other industry analyst firms that do not have an agenda and are easily biased by their clients, we take pride in our passion for excellence and independence to reliably guide your strategy and plans.

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