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      We provide guidance using our market research and expertise to significantly improve your marketing, sales and product efforts. We offer a portfolio of advisory, research, thought leadership and digital education services to help optimize market strategy, planning and execution.

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        Digital Business

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        Enterprises must enable a digital workplace and gain the agility and readiness to support continuous digital operations through an effective strategy and plan using processes and workflow with technology to guide business and have the confidence and trust to support operational priorities and desired results. Embrace the requirement to ensure that digital transformation can provide the digital applications, digital communications, digital intelligence, digital operations, experience management, generative AI, performance management, sustainability & ESG and work management that is supported through digital engagement to enable resilience in the enterprise.

        Ventana Research, now part of ISG, offers research-based guidance on embracing digital business to increase the effectiveness and management of the enterprise and the execution of business processes. Change is required to maintain competitiveness and achieve performance goals throughout the enterprise. Ventana Research can help.

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        Through 2026, one-third of enterprises will need to establish a Center of Excellence (CoE) with a digital business team to prioritize collaboration on best practices and software for use across the workforce.
        Mark Smith

        Mark Smith

        Partner, Head of Software Research

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        Ventana On-Demand (VOD) is an advisory service that provides access to exclusive research and monthly dialogue with our analysts.Visit the services page to learn more.
        Market Perspective
        Dialpad is Provider of Assurance in Digital Comms Buyers Guide

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates Dialpad.

        Market Perspective
        IntelePeer is Provider of Merit in Digital Comms Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates IntelePeer.

        Market Perspective
        Vonage is Exemplary and Innovative in Digital Comms Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates Vonage.

        Market Perspective
        Kaltura is Provider of Merit in Digital Comms Buyers Guide

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates Kaltura.

        Market Perspective
        GoTo is Provider of Merit in Digital Comms Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates GoTo.

        Market Perspective
        Zoho is Exemplary in Digital Comms Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates Zoho.

        Market Perspective
        Avaya is Provider of Merit in Digital Comms Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates Avaya.

        Market Perspective
        8x8 is Provider of Assurance in Digital Comms Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates 8x8.

        Market Perspective
        Google is Innovative and Provider of Merit in Digital Comms Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates Google.

        Market Perspective
        Cisco is Innovative in Digital Communications Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates Cisco.

        Market Perspective
        Microsoft is Exemplary in Digital Communications Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates Microsoft.

        Market Perspective
        Zoom is Exemplary in Digital Communications Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates Zoom.

        Market Perspective
        RingCentral is Exemplary in Digital Communications Buyers Guides

        Ventana Research’s 2024 Buyers Guide on Digital Communications evaluates RingCentral.

        Analyst Perspective
        The Buyers Guides for Digital Comms Classifies and Rates Software Providers

        Ventana Research offers market observations and overall results from the Digital Communications Buyers Guides for digital business software products.

        Analyst Perspective
        Digital Business Market Agenda for 2024: Intelligence-Driven Engagement

        The 2024 Digital Business Market Agenda provides insights into intelligence-driven digital effectiveness in workforce and customer engagement.

        Market Perspective
        Avnet Earns Digital Business Digital Leadership Award with HCL Software for 2023

        Avnet earned the 2023 Digital Business Digital Leadership Award by using HCL Software to streamline the product development journey through collaboration.

        Analyst Perspective
        2024 Market Agenda: Innovation in AI and Digital Modernization

        Insights from Ventana Research’s 2024 Market Agenda highlight software investments to improve impact through digital modernization and AI.

        Market Perspective
        EY Earns Overall Digital Leadership Award with EY Fabric for 2023

        Ventana Research has awarded EY the 2023 Overall Digital Leadership Award for its dedication to helping organizations build and provide solutions to clients utilizing its EY Fabric.

        Analyst Perspective
        Infoblox DDI Boosts Network Security Resilience

        Infoblox DDI unites networking and security by automating management of the interactions between DNS, DHCP and IPAM to improve network security resilience.

        Analyst Perspective
        Build Network Security Resilience with DDI: Benefits and Challenges

        DDI technology can strengthen organizations’ network security posture, helping to prevent and recover from unauthorized access and DNS-based attacks.

        Analyst Perspective
        Cisco to Acquire Splunk: An Enterprise SWOT Assessment

        Cisco’s acquisition of Splunk combines the strengths of two industry leaders with the potential challenges and risks of aligning these diverse companies.

        Analyst Perspective
        The Software Bill of Materials Secures the Software Supply Chain

        Add a software bill of materials (SBOM) to your organization’s digital security arsenal to protect, authenticate and manage your software supply chain.

        Analyst Perspective
        Cohesity Provides Digital Security to Ensure Business Continuity

        Cohesity’s data backup and recovery capabilities support data protection and recovery from cyber threats and ransomware to ensure business resilience.

        Analyst Perspective
        Evaluating the Impact of Generative AI Benefits on GRC Practices

        Evaluating generative AI technologies to ensure they fit within the scope of GRC programs and processes benefits overall business objectives and goals.

        Analyst Perspective
        New Frontiers in Digital Security with Observability Data

        Observability data increases visibility into digital services, reducing security threats and helping to identify issues before they have a negative impact.

        Analyst Perspective
        Red Sift Stops Phishing and Domain Cloning at the DMARC

        Red Sift protects against digital imposters, blocking phishing and email domain cloning.

        Market Perspective
        Wrike Work Management Improves Productivity and Effectiveness

        Wrike provides a platform to manage projects, organize work, enhance collaboration and accelerate execution across departments.

        Analyst Perspective
        Digital Security Posture Is a Strategic Imperative for the CIO

        The CIO leads efforts to enhance the organization’s “security posture,” ensuring effective controls to manage defense of and reaction to cyber threats.

        Analyst Perspective
        Digital Security Requires CIO and CISO Leadership

        The roles of the chief information officer and chief information security officer are intricately linked in support of a digital security strategy.

        Market Perspective is Every Day and Enables Work Management

        Promote synergy across departments by adopting work management software to reduce silos, improve transparency and drive productivity.

        Market Perspective
        Salsify Earns Digital Business Digital Innovation Award for 2023

        Salsify’s OpenAI Accelerator helps organizations determine how they can utilize generative AI to more effectively enrich product information.

        Market Perspective
        Asana Makes Work Simpler and Orchestrated to Desired Outcomes

        Prioritize effective work processes and performance by employing a (or Asana’s) work management platform.

        Market Perspective
        Adobe Provides Workforces with Work Management

        Bring workers together regardless of location using a work management platform to engage, streamline tasks and promote communication across all departments.

        Market Perspective
        Dialpad AI Provides Engagement with Digital Communications

        Dialpad Ai’s customer-focused, cloud software gives organizations the digital communications tools they need for business continuity, improved engagement.

        Analyst Perspective
        Digital Business Market Agenda for 2023: Effectiveness and Engagement

        The 2023 Digital Business Market Agenda will guide decision-making for digital effectiveness that enables resilience and readiness required for agility.

        Market Perspective
        Google Enables Simple Digital Communications

        Google has enhanced its Workspace communication and collaboration applications to meet the requirements of today’s hybrid workforce.

        Market Perspective
        Cisco Centers Webex for Digital Communications Success

        Cisco’s Webex digital communications software promotes collaboration, productivity while strengthening resilience by offering a variety of engagement tools.

        Analyst Perspective
        Moovila Manages Work for Digital Business

        Moovila’s work management platform organizes project resources and tasks, using AI to identify risk points before they become issues.

        Analyst Perspective
        Pyramid Analytics Expands Decision Intelligence Across the Organization

        Pyramid Analytics’ software focuses on decision intelligence to expand insights and collaboration across the organization for effective decision-making.

        Market Perspective
        PhonePe Earns 2022 Digital Leadership Award with Aerospike

        Burzin Engineer and PhonePe earned the 2022 Digital Leadership Award in Digital Business using Aerospike for digital payments services.

        Market Perspective
        8x8 Brings Clarity of Purpose to Digital Communications

        8x8’s XCaaS eliminates the need to choose between optimal employee or customer communications solutions and provides a platform designed to handle both.

        Analyst Perspective
        The Business and Technology Trends for 2023 and Beyond

        To achieve business priorities, organizations should focus their digital transformation efforts on these top business and technology trends for 2023.

        Market Perspective
        Vonage Advances Voice and Video for Digital Communications

        Vonage’s cloud-based digital communications technology enables organizations across multiple industries to improve worker and customer interactions.

        Market Perspective
        Avaya Provides Digital Office and Spaces for Engagement

        Avaya’s cloud-based communication platform benefits a mobile and remote workforce, using digital tools to engage customers and collaborate internally.

        Market Perspective
        RingCentral Rings for Suite of Communications

        RingCentral’s all-in-one communications platform reaches across every digital channel to help organizations support both internal and external engagement.

        Market Perspective
        Zoom Expands Digital Communications for Engagement

        Ensuring continuous collaboration and digital communication across an organization advances its ability to engage workers and maintain workforce resilience and readiness.

        Market Perspective
        Microsoft Teams Aims to Dominate Digital Communications

        Organizations need to consider if their current communications system is meeting the needs of their workforce, what we call digital communications. Microsoft’s communications platform, Microsoft Teams, aims to connect workers to foster collaboration,

        Market Perspective
        Zoho Workplace Unifies Digital Communication and Collaboration

        Remote and hybrid work environments are prevailing in enterprises, regardless of size. The pandemic caused long-lasting disruption in traditional business operations, requiring organizations to rethink digital communication inside and outside the wor

        Market Perspective
        The Business Case for Work Management at the Speed of Digital

        Organizations that use technology for work management have a competitive advantage over those without collaborative, digital systems. However, existing work management technology may not be sufficient to keep up with the rate of digital work that is

        The Age of Open Communication Platforms

        The age of digital communication platforms is upon us. The need has never been greater for an open and secure platform that satisfies the demand for enterprise-grade business and technology requirements.

        Webinar: Best Practices in Mergers and the Supply Chain

        Failure to plan how to achieve sustainable operational efficiencies, including supply chains, will result in missed opportunities to attain the expected synergies and an inability to discover additional, less obvious sources of value in the combinati

        Webinar: Sales Stories from the Frontline

        Today’s sales organizations are faced with many challenges when it comes to realizing the full potential of assigned territories and account locations. Simultaneously, organizations need to be agile in order to support their sales leadership and oper

        Go Big or Go Home: Why Small Businesses Should Invest in a Modern Contact Center

        Small businesses have had to make do with tools that are less advanced than those used by their larger peers primarily due to issues of cost and complexity. But just making do isn’t a recipe for providing great customer experiences and fostering cust

        Webinar: The Challenges of Managing Customer Engagement Data

        The number and variety of customer interactions are exploding and extend far beyond the contact center – into your branches, stores, digital and self-service channels and back office. However, this data is unstructured and may be stored in disparate

        The Age of Communication Platforms

        Demand is growing for a new generation of modern communication technology for the enterprise.

        Webinar: Business Continuity and Growth - Location Planning for Sales and Service

        It is always the right time for maximizing the potential of your organization’s sales and service locations and territories. But now more than ever, there is a heightened sense of pressure to perform in the face of market volatility and black swan ev

        Webinar: Digital Age of Data Intelligence

        The age of data is here, and all that data has become integral to an organization’s ability to grow and thrive. However, companies struggle with combining data science and technological advancements to establish data intelligence that is unified, sop

        DATA GOVERNANCE Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

        For years data governance has been challenging for organizations. There have been too many different data-related technologies to manage and too many manual processes involved. As a result, data governance policies were restrictive and interfered wit

        Digital Buyers Expect Engaging Product Experiences Infographic

        Organizations enable buyers to engage across multiple channels, but product information housed in silos can lead to inconsistent cross-channel digital buying experiences. Product Information Management (PIM) technology enables engaging merchandising

        Building Friction-Free Customer Experiences

        Getting everyone who impacts the customer experience within an organization onto the same page can be difficult under normal circumstances—let alone during times of change or upheaval that scramble all our assumptions about customer expectations. Wat

        Digitally Optimizing the Customer Experience

        A portfolio of industry changes are happening to meet the customer demand and needs from applications to adopting customer engagement hubs — to support any range of customer engagement.

        Empower the Workforce to Reach its Full Potential

        Businesses are moving to more service-based models, and finding and retaining top talent has become more mission critical than ever before. But as businesses compete to keep employee costs down and retain talent, many have turned to technology to fin

        Leadership in Planning for Sales Performance

        We hear all the time that we’re existing in an age of information. If that’s the case and we have more data at our fingertips than ever before, why isn’t every sales organization operating at historic levels of efficiency?

        Managing Experiences Across Roles

        How have new modes of work and communication changed the nature of these various experiences? Are the changes going to be a permanent part of the business landscape? Read the Q&A.

        An Executive Discussion on Work Management

        Organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to address the changing demands of work in a way that optimally utilizes resources to deliver improved results while controlling levels of financial investment. C-level and executive teams must ensu

        Finance Q&A: Five Ways FP&A is Evolving

        How will digital transformation affect the role of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)? How will AI affect these FP&A organizations? Robert Kugel sheds light on how FP&A is evolving.

        Open Communications, Business Continuity and the Digital Work Experience

        How can open communications deliver on the vision for seamless digital work experiences now and in the next 12 months? Can a digital communications platform deliver short-term cost savings that translate into long-term operational efficiencies for wo

        Planning for Continuity in the Public Sector

        Dedicated planning and budgeting software improves public sector finance department efficiency and enables responsive, high-quality service. Read the Q&A.

        Workable Solutions to the Capacity Gap

        Why are digital contact channels so important in today’s contact center, and how should organizations be thinking about the shift from voice to digital? What new technologies and tools are becoming important based on these changes and the new environ

        Open Digital Communication for the Enterprise

        Organizations are embracing digital communication to improve their productivity and optimize collaboration across the entire enterprise. With the wide variety of tools now available, organizations can easily create more complexity than they realize a

        Does Your Workforce Management Need Work?

        Accurately forecasting and effectively meeting labor and staffing demands is critical for every organization and industry, and HCM technology platforms are rising to this challenge, evolving at an unprecedented pace to optimize workforce operations.

        White Paper
        Introducing the Virtual Audit

        A business crisis alerts finance leaders to their organization’s vulnerabilities. When lockdowns prevented people from being in their offices in 2020, organizations with the right technology and processes demonstrated their ability to adapt, overcome

        White Paper
        The Digital Age of Data Intelligence

        The age of data is here, and the value of all that data to organizations continues to increase. Data has, in fact, become integral to an organization’s ability to grow and thrive. So, it is essential that organizations tap into every available source

        White Paper
        The Digital Transformation Partnership

        Information technology will have a greater impact on how the finance department operates over the next 10 years than it has over the past 50. The cumulative impact of a decade of steady technology evolution along with the demographic shift to digital

        White Paper
        The Age of Communication Platforms

        Demand is growing for a new generation of modern communication technology for the enterprise. Individuals within organizations have the need to connect and collaborate with others at any time for any purpose, and while this need is present under norm

        White Paper
        Empowering Business Users with Self-Service Analytics

        Due to the importance of workforce and financial insights to overall business operations, improvements an organization can make to the analytics capabilities within the Human Resources and Finance functions will have wide-ranging impacts for the enti

        White Paper
        Accessible Analytics Improve Operational Performance

        For decades, organizations have been trying to make information and analysis available to the lines of business to improve their operations. Our research shows that analytics generate value for organizations in multiple ways.

        White Paper
        Intelligent Automation in the Cloud

        Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has evolved considerably beyond its original purpose of automating routine tasks to become a core technology for the intelligent automation of all parts of an organization, from the front office to the back office.

        Research Perspective
        Five Ingredients for Finance Transformation

        Over the next 10 years, technology will do more to change the finance and accounting organization than it has over the past 50. A spate of advances in databases, data processing, analytics and tools addressing the user experience as well as the appli

        Research Perspective
        Learning Management: The Key to Talent Management Effectiveness

        Learning Management: The Key to Talent Management Effectiveness

        Research Perspective
        Innovation Sharpens the Customer Focus

        Customer behavior has changed. Customers today use significantly more channels of communication to engage with companies. When they shop, the convenience of online access has led them to be more demanding because they can go elsewhere with a few clic

        Research Perspective
        Putting Customer Conversations to Work

        Customers have conversations across the organization. They interact with people in Sales, Service, Support and in some cases even with an organization’s products or services via smart speakers. While our research confirms that the telephone is still

        Research Perspective
        Let’s Talk about the Business, Not Just the Budget

        People have been complaining about budgeting forever. Technology helps the CFO and finance organization produce a detailed budget and analyze “the numbers” with less effort than was required in the past. Dissatisfaction remains, however, because tech

        Research Perspective
        The Advance of Business-Owned Technology

        CIOs face a constant challenge as they deploy resources: they must find the balance between focusing on strategic projects while still performing essential “keep the lights on” activities like user support and applications maintenance. To increase re

        Analyst Perspective
        Digital Business Market Agenda for 2022: Resilience and Readiness

        With the announcement of Ventana Research’s 2022 Market Agenda, our expertise in Digital Business continues to advance the market need for effective investments into technology, and I will outline here the key areas of focus to provide insights to or

        Analyst Perspective
        Ransomware Disaster for UKG & Customers: Business Continuity Required

        The necessity of business continuity came to a reality with the pandemic in early 2020, with the requirement to avoid the risk of interruption to the fundamentals of an organization.

        Market Perspective
        Quantum Workplace’s Performance Management Platform Builds Engagement

        Performance management helps organizations understand, optimize and align performance through a variety of methods and processes and is an essential part of what is called digital business.

        Analyst Perspective
        Maximize Workforce Value with Technology for Work Management

        To maximize the value of the workforce and the work conducted, organizations need to increase the effectiveness of workers assigned to critical, interrelated tasks.

        Analyst Perspective
        The Business of Work Management

        As the pace of digital innovation has accelerated, many organizations have found it harder to manage the portfolio of work conducted by the workforce to ensure timeliness and mitigate the risk of increased costs and resources.

        Market Perspective
        Effective Digital Learning Experiences Build Organizational Readiness

        Business continuity — especially during a pandemic, natural disaster, cyber event or geopolitical situation — requires business and risk mitigation processes.

        Analyst Perspective
        The Digital Awakening of Business Process Intelligence

        The work environment today demands that your organization advances the efficiency to execute business processes for continuous operations to have a positive impact on business performance.

        Analyst Perspective
        Strategic Planning for Performance Management

        Strategic planning has always been difficult. But it is even more so in this age of rapid digital transformation and the pressure of business continuity, which has introduced disruptive changes.

        Analyst Perspective
        The Ventana Research 2021 Market Agenda: How Digital Effectiveness Impacts Organizational Agility

        Ventana Research has announced its market agenda for 2021, continuing the tradition of transparency in our efforts to educate and guide the technology market but also our independence as we do not share our market agenda or analyst perspectives with

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        Ventana Research 16th Annual Digital Innovation Award Winner


        Salsify for Salsify OpenAI Accelerator

        Ventana Research 16th Annual Digital Leadership Award Winners


        Market Agenda Calendar

        Ventana Research maintains a rigorous approach to its areas of research expertise through a methodology of processes and activities to ensure we provide the best possible insights on technology across business and IT. This is represented in our Market Agenda, which is a foundation for providing actionable information and guidance to help you identify opportunities for improved competitiveness and effectiveness. Other industry analyst firms lack methodology and a publicly available research agenda and are easily biased by clients and the industry. We take pride in our reputation for independence and provide our research calendar and agenda for visibility into the upcoming months of activity.


        • Analyst and Market Perspectives
          The Generative AI and Mobile Necessity
        • Buyers Guides
          Digital Communications promoted;
          ESG in design;
          Performance Management in design


        • Analyst and Market Perspectives
          Digital Transformation Destruction;
          The Opportunity for Experience Management
        • Buyers Guides
          Digital Communications promoted;
          ESG in collection;
          Performance Management in collection


        • Analyst and Market Perspectives
          The Mandate for Digital Communications
        • Buyers Guides
          Digital Communications promoted;
          ESG in collection;
          Performance Management in collection

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        • Aera
        • Airtable
        • Akamai Technologies
        • Asana
        • Aurea
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        • BetterWorks
        • BlueJeans
        • Camms
        • Capacity
        • Celigo
        • ChartHop
        • Cinnox
        • ClickUp
        • Code42
        • Cohesity
        • Corporater
        • Darwinbox
        • Datadog
        • Devo
        • Druva Inc
        • Dynatrace
        • EMC
        • Emotive
        • Engagedly
        • Entromy
        • Entrust
        • ESRI
        • Evernote
        • Evolve IP
        • Exabeam
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        • Fiserv
        • Flexera
        • Forcepoint LLC
        • Forsta
        • Foursquare
        • FreeBalance
        • FullStory
        • Gainsight
        • Gitlab
        • GoTo
        • Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
        • Hubspot
        • Infobip Ltd
        • InMoment
        • Intermap
        • Intermedia
        • Jedox
        • Jugo
        • Jupiter
        • Kaltura
        • Kollective
        • Lattice
        • Liaison International Inc
        • Lifesize
        • Lookout
        • LucidWorks
        • Lumen
        • Mavenlink Inc
        • Medallia
        • MessageBird
        • Motive
        • Nearmap
        • Netwrix
        • Notion
        • NTT
        • Nudge
        • Nylas
        • Odoo
        • Okera
        • OneTrust
        • Palo Alto Networks
        • Pendo
        • Pexip
        • Placer
        • Planisware USA, Inc.
        • Planview
        • Plivo
        • Protegrity
        • PTC
        • Qualtrics
        • Quanshi
        • Quantum Workplace
        • Rapid7
        • Reflektive
        • Ribbon Communications
        • Rippling
        • Route Mobile
        • Rubrik
        • Samsara
        • Sangoma Technologies
        • Sapiens
        • SimilarWeb
        • Sinch
        • Smarsh
        • Solera
        • Soprano
        • Sphera
        • Swift Navigation
        • That Dot
        • Tigera Inc
        • Tivian
        • Veeam
        • Wildix
        • Windstream Enterprise
        • WorkFusion
        • WorkJam Inc
        • Workspot
        • Wrike
        • Zoom
        • Zscaler
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