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Ventana Research provides market coverage of technology vendors and their products. We believe this is an essential activity for a research and advisory services firm and one that represents our corporate values of excellence and independence. But most importantly we list the vendors in coverage for each of our community expertise areas, providing transparency to our market efforts. The market coverage of a technology vendor and its products is based on the following:

  • at least one annual briefing with vendor's executive team member
  • get digital quarterly updates from vendor on news and product updates 
  • validate the primary focus is to market, sell and service its products
  • operating and conducting business ethically
  • minimum number of employees (25), paying customers (12) and annual revenue (US$10m); exceptions require Chief Research Officer approval
  • approval by the research director in the expertise / topic area
  • maintain mutual NDA between Ventana Research and vendor

A technology vendor may qualify and apply separately for market coverage in any expertise and / or focus areas deemed appropriate. Final approval is dependent on the review and approval of the research director leading each expertise area and Chief Research Officer. Ventana Research Coverage Logo is provided for use in marketing and sales purposes and listing on the appropriate expertise area once coverage requirements have been completed or maintained.

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How to Establish / Maintain Market Coverage

Establishing Market Coverage

To ensure we optimize the time spent by both your organization and ours, Ventana Research asks that you complete pre-briefing steps, providing all information required prior to the 30-minute briefing with our analysts. We will respond to your request within 5 business days. Our analysts must have an opportunity to review your presentation and other supporting materials / collateral in advance. We expect your briefing documents and presentation at least 72 hours in advance in the format outlined below.

Maintaining Market Coverage

For those technology vendors who are already covered, we require at least one briefing per year to maintain research coverage. Briefings are 30 minutes in length unless you are a Ventana On-Demand client*. Quarterly electronic updates from approved technology vendors for announcements such as company, product, or customer announcements are expected; especially those impacting the industry. All briefings on announcements should be requested no sooner than two weeks before the announcement. If we do not receive an update within one year of the last briefing provided or if the research team is not able to maintain an understanding of the technology vendor, we will change the status of a technology vendor to not covered or recommended.

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Please note: the information you provide will be treated as confidential and we require that the Ventana Research mutual non-disclosure agreement is in place prior to the briefing. Our briefing process is a cooperative effort which validates a technology vendor company, its products and its customers. The outcome of a successful briefing will result in market coverage or maintained coverage.

Ventana On-Demand*:  If an organization wants feedback or guidance on the market, their company, products, marketing or sales strategies, these inquiries are only provided through the Ventana On-Demand advisory and research services (and not provided during briefings except for current Ventana On-Demand clients, in which case additional time providing feedback and advice for improvement will be granted). Please email for more information about Ventana On-Demand.

Technology Vendors Not Covered or Recommended

The analysis of a specific technology vendor can, in some cases, lead to the conclusion that Ventana Research cannot provide market coverage. A technology vendor needs to meet minimum requirements for market coverage in each expertise area which includes:

  • at least one annual briefing with vendors executive team member
  • get quarterly updates from vendor on news and product updates
  • validate the primary focus is to market, sell and service its products
  • operating and conducting business ethically
  • minimum number of employees (25), paying customers (12) or revenue ($10m) and anything less is approved by Chief Research Officer
  • approval by the research director in the expertise / topic area
  • maintain mutual NDA between Ventana Research and vendor

A technology vendor can be in market coverage in one expertise area and not in another based on meeting minimum requirements. A technology vendor not included in market coverage is not recommended by Ventana Research for assessment or use in any organization. We maintain the philosophy that if a technology vendor is not able to meet minimum requirements and maintain industry analyst relations with our firm, that technology vendor should not be included in our coverage. All technology vendors, including those recommended and not in coverage, can be found on each of the expertise pages listed at:


Ventana Market Coverage Policy Disclaimer

We provide transparency on the technology vendors we have in research coverage by listing them on our community, in their respective expertise and focus areas. Our coverage of a technology vendor does not guarantee an organization’s success, nor that we recommend them for adoption. Market coverage is granted when the analyst team has ensured the minimum requirements have been met and the technology vendor has been approved by our Chief Research Officer. Recommendations of a technology vendor and / or products for a specific set of requirements should be evaluated through the use of our advisory or assessment services, Ventana On-Demand.

Ventana Research reserves the right to assess, evaluate, establish, maintain or drop market coverage of technology vendors based on its own analysis and judgment. If for any reason Ventana Research believes a technology vendor is not acting ethically (or if conduct is questionable), the technology vendor will be removed from coverage and listed as not recommended.

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