Partner Management for the next generation of business eco-systems

Our decades long expertise in billing systems as well as our thought leadership in emerging business models, are complemented by on-going buyer and vendor to research to bring insight and recommendations for suppliers and customers. This unique cross functional insight is crucial to developing insights as to how partner eco-systems are requiring innovative technology and processes to manage origination, bundling and the virtual supply chain.


Though common in some industries, partner eco-systems are broadening their appeal, as more companies align and bundle each other's products and services. This is resulting in a new generation of applications that support partner onboarding, revenue allocation and SLA monitoring to ensure a good partner and customer experience.

Research Fact

Less than 20% of organizations have developed the strategy and resources to invest into the partner ecosystem at the similar level of their own direct channels.

Best Practice

In support of a frictionless customer experience, partner management becomes critical as any vendors bundle can contain many suppliers' products and services. Without strong applications, SLA’s are hard to monitor, revenue allocation is labor intensive and prone to errors and onboarding of new partners becomes a struggle.

Partner Management becomes crucial as more products and services become digital, with a virtual supply chain creating bundles of products and services. To ensure a frictionless customer experience, process and systems need to also be frictionless to the both partners and customers.


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