Strategic HCM activities largely architected and governed by the organization

Our expertise in Talent Management is rooted in a combination of decades of HR/HCM practitioner, software product leadership and analyst/advisory experience around the globe, amplified and influenced by our on-going research efforts across the talent management spectrum.


The Ventana Research Talent Management focus area encompasses multiple pillars of strategic HCM that are largely architected and governed by the organization, including Recruiting, On-Boarding, Performance Management and Coaching, and Succession Planning. (Note: While Learning Management must be integrated with these other TM pillars, modern Learning Management often involves learners architecting their own actions and activities not the enterprise.)    

Research Fact

Approximately 80% of relevant survey participants indicated that the top two benefits of investing in HR Technology are simpler management of employees, and better management decisions.

Best Practice

Accounting for the needs, interests and goals of workers is critical to all businesses, whether focusing on tactical activities or the most strategic endeavors. Adhering to this mindset and practice is the best way to achieve a highly productive and engaged workforce.


When optimizing HR/HCM processes, or looking to elevate HCM technology capabilities, always think about the experience of the worker, and how the changes will impact their engagement, retention, productivity and overall commitment to excellence.

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