A new era for Finance and Accounting

ERP technology is changing, enabling more streamlined operations, immediate access to information and a more rapid close. “Continuous accounting” is a management approach that utilizes new ERP technologies to improve performance.


Continuous accounting is an approach to managing transactions recording and accounting that takes advantage of current ERP technology to streamline and restructure the accounting function; it can provide more real-time information and insight while simultaneously cutting administrative overhead.

Research Fact

Only 43% of finance departments play an active role in management, with just 25% having a high degree of automation of core functions.

Best Practice

Continuous accounting is a discipline that enables finance executives to build a more strategically engaged department.

If you’re thinking of replacing your ERP system without considering the full potential of the technology, you’re probably wasting your money. We are vendor agnostic. Our guidance starts with your business objectives and connects them to the software that best suits your needs.

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