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Using our research, best practices and expertise, we help you understand how to optimize your business processes using applications, information and technology. We provide advisory, education, and assessment services to rapidly identify and prioritize areas for improvement and perform vendor selection

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Ventana On Demand

    Services for Investment Firms

    We provide guidance using our market research and expertise to significantly improve your marketing, sales and product efforts. We offer a portfolio of advisory, research, thought leadership and digital education services to help optimize market strategy, planning and execution.

    Consulting & Strategy Sessions

    Ventana On Demand

      Services for Technology Vendors

      We provide guidance using our market research and expertise to significantly improve your marketing, sales and product efforts. We offer a portfolio of advisory, research, thought leadership and digital education services to help optimize market strategy, planning and execution.

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        Advisory Services for Investment Firms

        The Challenge

        Investment firms are faced with opportunities and obstacles each day. Gauging the shifting landscape to optimize the potential for existing and future portfolio investments is not an easy job. Improving your future returns requires that you have the guidance to ensure optimal knowledge of technology industry and use of it in organizations you have invested upon. To optimize customer and revenue related processes to ensure optimal use of planning across financial and people related investments.


        Market Competition


        Strategic Playboard


        Coordinated Planning

        Ventana On-Demand as a Solution:

        Ventana On-Demand (VOD) helps investment firms understand market trends and optimize portfolio investments. With VOD, you will tap into a dedicated client and analyst team that provides guidance based on subject-matter expertise and experience using the latest market insights. Empower your efforts with access and advice from objective industry analysts to provide answers to critical questions and gain the guidance to maximize market opportunities.


        Identify Opportunities


        Understand Market Trends


        Build Confidence


        Gain Objective Guidance

        The Ventana eXperience Difference

        Every organization is different and deserves a world-class experience when engaging with a market advisory and research firm. Being flexible and responsive to our clients is at the core of the Ventana eXperience and we provide a unique and tailored approach to our portfolio of services in a low risk and high value-based approach. Our goal is to help every client succeed and these are five ways we do it:



        We deliver a superior client experience using a high-touch and proactive engagement approach with a world-class team dedicated to our values.



        We have decades of experience in our subject-matter expertise and market research provided through our analyst and product team.



        We offer a digital first approach to our community with on-demand access to a client portal for flexible self-service access to market insights and team.



        We provide a portfolio of connected Consulting, Advisory, Research, and Education (CARE) products that are tailored to meet our clients’ needs.



        We ensure our clients’ success by dedicating ourselves to provide the highest level of excellence in a reliable and teamwork-based approach.

        Helping provide guidance and direction

        Ventana On-Demand (VOD) enables investment firms with an opportunity to gain the business guidance and technology knowledge to optimize their current and future portfolio of companies. The service is designed for clients to gain access to a robust portfolio of capabilities that can be used in a continuous and digital self-service manner with access to educational content, industry analysts and market research through a client portal. Utilizing Ventana On-Demand provides the experience and satisfaction in having a partner work to optimize the portfolio strategy and improve investment returns.


        Services Include:

        Client Team

        Dedicated team of client success, industry analyst and client director assigned to your account, with 24/7 priority concierge service.


        Client Portal

        Exclusive digital access to content for license, online self-service scheduling with industry analysts and secure FileCloud access to client specific documents.


        Advisory Sessions

        Receive feedback from analyst on presented topic through video inquiry session, proactive digital advisory or answers to submitted questions with or without portfolio client. Unlimited client participation.


        Market Advisory

        Analyst presentation to educate on expertise or focus area with intensive Q&A. Unlimited client participation. Service level dependent.


        Validation Session

        Use industry analysts to collaborate and validate or invalidate technology strategy. Service level dependent.


        Community Access

        Client-level access to range of market research and education for use in internal planning and decision-marketing.


        Research Usage

        Select or request research charts or facts or the analyst, industry or market perspectives from our community library to use in engaging and guiding portfolio of investments. Internal use only.


        Market Assertions

        Exclusive and licensed use of market assertions that provide an industry analyst market projection on an expertise and topic area. Internal use only.


        Strategy Session

        Engage industry analyst to gain insight on market and optimize portfolio strategy and priorities to maximum potential. Service level dependent.


        Technology Consulting

        Analyst consulting time to assess and research existing and planned technology strategy. Service level dependent.


        Investment References

        Analysts can provide an independent discussion to potential investors and provide an independent perspective on the market. Service level dependent.


        Market Support

        Provide a supporting voice in the market on the merits of the category and portfolio investment through quotes in the market and media.




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