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        Ventana Research is Now Part of ISG

        Ventana Research is Now Part of ISG


        The technology industry is in a constant state of evolution, from software and service providers including consulting firms and outsourcers, all of which engage with enterprises every single day. The business transformational agenda requires digital modernization and is reshaping how workforces and business processes operate to engage customers and the entire supply chain in new and innovative ways.

        For the past two decades, Ventana Research has been at the forefront, delivering world-class research and insights from enterprises along with over 2,000 software providers and an open community representing over 100,000 professionals from around the world. But that is not enough.

        To best serve the $800 billion software industry and its vital role to enterprises, Ventana Research needs to be part of a global firm that represents leaders and buyers worldwide and in the Fortune 2000. To scale globally, we need to grow our workforce and financial resources to influence enterprise software investments with the largest possible set of clients, where the most critical decisions are being made.

        I am thrilled to share with you the exciting news that Ventana Research is now part of ISG (Information Services Group) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm and a trusted business partner to more than 900 clients, including more than 75 of the world’s top 100 enterprises. ISG operates in over 20 countries and influences technology spending where it happens from the selection, sourcing, negotiating and managing change throughout an enterprise. Each year, ISG advisors lead over $18 billion of total contract value (TCV) of technology sourcing transactions, and more than 80 percent of their advisors are involved in sourcing transactions where software plays a big role.

        ISG, with the acquisition of Ventana Research, now offers enterprises a comprehensive suite of services that span the entire technology industry with over 900 client advisers working with enterprises year-round. Now, with the combination of Ventana Research’s expertise in software research, ISG and Ventana Research can assist enterprises in assessing, selecting, sourcing, negotiating and managing the change with technology investments, from software and service providers to managed outsourced providers.

        With plans to more than double the number of Ventana Research Buyers Guides published in 2024, we will continue to help enterprises develop long and short lists of software options supported by assessment and advisory services. The ISG value chain supporting the technology industry is not found with any other research and advisory service or ‘analyst’ firm today.

        Ventana Research will retain its brand identity and will become a part of ISG Research, giving us access to a much larger portfolio of research on enterprises with buyer behavioral research, a software ecosystem on service providers with its ISG Provider Lens (IPL), supplier pricing intelligence with ISG ProBenchmark, Supplier Intelligence and ISG Events to help guide and collaborate on the right technology decisions. In addition, the ISG Index™ is the authoritative source for market intelligence on the global IT and business services industry. For our current and future clients of Ventana Research and ISG, this means they will be able to get enriched value in working with us and gain access to a larger portfolio of research and insights that is not available from any other analyst firm.

        In my new role as Partner, head of software research in ISG Research, alongside our dedicated and growing team, enables Ventana Research to become even stronger with resources and presence around the world to represent our world-class client experience with our portfolio of consulting, advisory, research and education (CARE) services including Ventana On-Demand. We will continue to support our existing areas of expertise but will also expand into new ones that represent the entire software spend in the technology industry. Ventana Research and its original vision from 20 years ago, ‘To illuminate the value of technology through our unique insights’ is now able to be achieved as part of ISG.

        We see tremendous synergies between both firms that will provide you with a fresh perspective on the overall market. Together, we can help you gain a deeper understanding and tailor your software and services as enterprises continue to integrate their software and service provider decision-making. Our influence and reach to enterprises with the value they need is unparalleled.

        No other small boutique to large analyst firm can represent the entire technology industry from software to service providers, to global enterprises as ISG can for which Ventana Research has been unified with ISG Research.

        Thank you for your support over the decades, I look forward to the next decade of success working together.

        For more information on the announcement, please check out the press release here, to learn more about ISG Research click here.



        Mark Smith
        Partner, ISG Software Research