Proudly Celebrating 20 years of Ventana Research

I’ve had the privilege to work with the Ventana Research team throughout my career at multiple HCM companies. I count on their combination of a research backed point of view supported by analysts who have real world domain expertise.  The team was extremely helpful when we needed an outside in perspective to more effectively articulate the differentiated and market leading value of ADP DataCloud. Congratulations to 20 years of success in the analyst industry!



Jack Berkowitz
Chief Data Officer, ADP

Ventana Research has become one of our most valuable advisors. For a company like Zoho, with several platforms and numerous applications, at varying degrees of market maturity, we've looked to the Ventana Research team for support in market intelligence, message testing, go-to-market feedback, and roadmap direction. Under the leadership of Mark Smith, I've always found Ventana Research fully committed to client satisfaction, exceptional research quality and continuous domain expertise.  Heartfelt congratulations to the entire team on your 20 years of success!



Sandra Lo
Head of Global Corporate Communications, Zoho

The value in what Ventana Research brings to us as a client has been instrumental in helping us make investments in the technology market.  Our relationship has spanned 20 years and has been instrumental in the areas of analytics, application, and infrastructure software.  The depth and breadth of Ventana Research’s knowledge makes them a true leader in the technology industry.  Congratulations on 20 years, and many more to come, of success in the analyst industry.BridgeGrowthPartners

Tom Manley
Partner at Bridge Growth Partners

Throughout our evolution from ICM to SPM, and now as a leading provider of Intelligent Revenue solutions, we rely on insights from Ventana Research and value the support and leadership that teaming with Ventana Research has provided us, Congratulations on 20 years of success!

Xactly logo

Chris Cabrera
Founder and CEO, Xactly Corporation

The value in what Ventana Research brings to us as a client is deep subject matter expertise, extensive network and relationships that matter to me and vision for where the market is going and their support in the technology industry and category of Enterprise Performance Management and more broadly the Office of Finance bringing value in their ability to help us raise our brand awareness, refine our market messaging and generate new leads through the leadership of Mark Smith and Rob Kugel and work with them over many companies in last 15 years. Congratulations to 20 years of success in the analyst industry.


Michael Morrison
CEO of Fluence Technologies

We have worked with Ventana Research for the entire 20 years and consider them a strategic partner in our business.  They have provided valuable guidance to our organization on brand perception, product strategy, partner ecosystem and many other areas of our business.  Congratulations on a very successful 20 years! 

Teradata logo

Chris Twogood
SVP of Marketing, Teradata

Teradata has been a Ventana Research client since their inception and they are an integral part of our Analyst program.  We value their knowledge in the technology industry and their strong thought leadership in the data and analytics market.  We love working with the entire Ventana Research team and appreciate their dedication to their clients.

Teradata logo

Kim Dossey
Head of Global Analyst Relations, Teradata

Congratulations to the entire Ventana Research team. Ventana’s twenty years of industry presence combined with your many years of combined technology expertise is quite evident during thought-provoking strategy consultations and the data-driven customer engagement research we frequently reference. Likewise, it’s no surprise to see Ventana research further expanding its analysis into vertical industries. Thank you for your leadership and support.


Celia Fleischaker
Chief Marketing Officer, Verint

Ventana Research brings us deep insight into the business and technology challenges our clients and prospects face and their knowledge of the technology industry and the event-driven architecture and data movement software and their market research and expertise through the leadership of Dave Menninger, Matt Aslett and Mark Smith who are always at the leading edge of business and technology trends. I have worked with Mark Smith and his team since day one and it is my pleasure to offer a hearty congratulations on 20 years of success in the analyst industry!



Mychelle Mollot
Chief Marketing Officer, Solace

Ventana Research brings Qlik access to a deep bench of industry and subject matter experts to tap into for strategic consultation on GTM strategy, messaging, and industry perspectives. Plus, the Ventana OnDemand client portal provides a treasure trove of research and data for marketers to consume as they plan for content and marketing campaigns. They truly provide a one-stop shop for research, strategic planning, content development, and execution. Their support in the technology industry across BI and analytics topics and how it specifically relates to vertical industries and lines of business leaders and through the teamwork of account, client success, product and analyst leadership of Mark Smith, Dave Menninger, Stephen Hurrell and Quincy Valencia have been invaluable partners in supporting our key marketing initiatives. My team had the great experience in participating in their persona messaging workshops which was the cornerstone for defining our buyer persona messaging in our marketing and sales materials. It was an amazing experience to have this 1:1 time to learn from their leading industry analysts. Working with the entire Ventana Research team is like having an extended marketing team… so attentive to our specific needs. Thank you and congratulations to 20 years of success in the analyst industry.



Deborah Athens
Senior Director of Digital Media Strategies, Qlik
MicroStrategy has been working with Ventana Research since 2008. We have a shared passion for innovation and actionable insights in analytics and business intelligence. The consulting, advisory, research and education products they provide have helped us advance our market position and growth, and are an important part of our success. Congratulations to your team for 20 years of excellence in the analyst industry.


Phong Le
President and CEO, MicroStrategy

Ventana Research brings ServiceNow insightful straight-talk on the market and the opportunity for workflow platforms through their advisory and research in the Ventana On-Demand service, as well as the leadership of Mark and the entire team. Congratulations to 20 years of success in the analyst industry.



Elissa Houchin
Vice President, Global Head of Industry Analyst and Influencer Relations, ServiceNow