New Era of Digitally Secure and Open Technology 

The age of digital communication platforms is upon us. The need has never been greater for an open and secure platform that satisfies the demand for enterprise-grade business and technology requirements. Overcoming today’s technology challenges is possible when you have the capabilities to anticipate the requirements for a next-generation communication platform as a service (CPaaS) that is both extensible and reliable. Now, Mark Smith CEO and Chief Research Officer of Ventana Research will help you get started and discuss how you can to take decisive steps to generate value for your organization. 

 In this webinar you will learn to:

  • Understand the new era of modern and open communications.
  • Assess your current communication technology challenges.
  • Ensure business continuity and resilience in your technology.
  • Determine the right lens to use when evaluating technology for communication success.
  • Ensure the technology vendors commitment to your customer and product experiences.

Watch the 15-minute, on-demand webinar now!

About the Speaker

Mark_2016_Circle_Zoomed.pngMark Smith

CEO & Chief Research Officer
Ventana Research

Mark is responsible for the overall business and research direction of Ventana Research and drives the global research agenda covering both business and technology areas. He defined the blueprint and methodology for improving business by using benchmark research to provide guidance across people, processes, information and technology. Mark is an expert in enterprise software and business technology innovations including: business analytics, big data, cloud computing, business collaboration, mobile technology and social media. Mark has held CMO, research and product development roles at research and software companies. Mark started Ventana Research more than a decade ago; he has worked in the software industry for 25 years leading innovations in research and technology. Mark was rated the 2011 software industry analyst of the year by The Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR). Mark is also ranked as one of the top ten technology influencers in 2012 by Human Resources Executive magazine.