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Avaya Provides Digital Office and Spaces for Engagement

Posted by Ventana Research on Nov 30, 2022 5:00:00 AM

Organizations are reevaluating digital communication platforms to meet the demands of a more resilient hybrid and mobile workforce. Outdated and disjointed communication software can cause delays in projects, impacting use of resources, costs, profitability and customer satisfaction. All organizations should adopt software that meets the digital standards of today’s workforce.

VR_Digital_Biz_2022_Coverage_Logo (1)Avaya is a communication and contact center software company that helps organizations engage across the workforce and customers. Avaya’s cloud-based communication platform offers two key products: Avaya Cloud Office by Ring Central and Avaya Spaces. Avaya Cloud Office is available in over a dozen countries, using cloud technology to allow workers to correspond from any location. High-definition phone and video calls accommodate up to six participants via a toll-free business number and locally around the world. Workers communicate via team messaging or with unlimited business texts. Real-time analytics diagnose quality issues and gather data such as hold times and abandoned calls. Workers can integrate cameras and video conference systems using over hundreds of collaboration integrations plus applications from other software providers

While Cloud Office focuses on customer communication, Avaya Spaces is a cloud-based tool that supports collaboration between workers. “Spaces” are designated forums where workers discuss assigned topics or projects. In Spaces, workers can chat, share files, store information in a repository and give assignments using the task management system. Conferencing accommodates up to 1,000 participants for an unlimited duration. An application or an entire screen can be shared, and participants can magnify the shared content up to 200%. Live closed captioning is included among the accessibility features. Conference calls can be recorded and stored for a default period of two years. Integrations such as Microsoft Outlook and Google are also offered.

Avaya’s cloud communication goal is to deliver an innovative approach to digital communication and provide engaging experiences across the workforce. With Avaya Cloud Office and Avaya Spaces, workers and customers interact seamlessly across the workforce and with external parties.

Advanced digital communication platforms are designed around the demands of today’s hybrid and mobile workforce. Cloud technology can connect scattered workers and accommodate their preferred work environment. Organizations reevaluating current communication platforms not only support workers with cloud technology, but also reduce costs and increase system security. Ventana Research asserts that through 2024, a new breed of digital communication platform will evolve from today’s unified communication as-a-service technology to meet contemporary business requirements.

Avaya’s mission is to provide a digital communication platform designed to support the most effective interactive experiences. Its cloud technology accommodates organizationsVR_2022_Digital_Communications_Assertion_2_Square of any size. Avaya also offers Avaya Enterprise Cloud for large organizations and government entities, which bundles contact center software and cloud offerings into a unified platform. Communication technology is also offered to customize specific business requirements for interactions. Avaya’s products allow organizations to operate without disruption and avoid pauses in business operations caused by unavoidable events.

The market for digital communication continues to expand to meet more unified requirements for a simpler experience that blends mobile and web for calls, chat and meetings. Avaya, while navigating through its own corporate and financial transformation, continues to operate globally, helping organizations communicate and collaborate across devices and platforms. Avaya will remain a significant software provider for digital communication with its products and focus on supporting organizations around the globe. Organizations should evaluate Avaya for digital communication technology that operates on mobile devices and the web and supports the internal workforce for any external interactions. Its ability to unify contact center software for more structured engagement with customers at enterprise scale makes it even more relevant in the market.

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