Go Big or Go Home

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in a Modern Contact Center

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Small businesses have had to make do with tools that are less advanced than those used by their larger peers primarily due to issues of cost and complexity. But just making do isn’t a recipe for providing great customer experiences and fostering customer loyalty. Today’s SMB organizations must look to the cloud to provision most (if not all) of the tools they use to manage customer experiences, especially when it comes to contact centers.

Customer preferences are changing and a modern cloud contact center is the only way to deliver the experiences they want. What if you could punch above your weight and out compete by providing AI-powered self-service, call handling and analytics, seamlessly integrated voice and digital channels and an easy to integrate, plug-and-play platform that grows with your business?

In this 60-minute webinar, Ventana Research’s Keith Dawson will talk with NICE inContact’s Mark Ungerman, director of product and segment marketing about what is accelerating market changes, and what risks small businesses face if they can’t move quickly to adapt.

The key points will include:

  • What constitutes a “modern” platform and what alternative tools provide access to the right combination of features.
  • How a modern contact center can provide smaller firms a competitive advantage by helping them appear as customer-friendly as their larger peers.
  • What is different about the numerous modernization options available in a confusing marketplace.
  • How today’s cloud-based infrastructure delivers a positive impact to customer experiences.

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About the Speakers:


Keith Dawson

VP & Research Director, Customer Experience
Ventana Research

Keith leads the expertise in Customer Experience (CX), covering applications and technology that facilitate engagement to optimize customer-facing processes. His focus areas include agent management, contact center and voice of the customer and technology in marketing, sales, field service and applications such as digital commerce and subscription management. Keith’s specialization is in natural language and speech tools with intelligent virtual assistants, multichannel routing and journey management, and the wide array of customer analytics. He is focused on how businesses can break down technology and operational silos to provide more efficient processes for two-way engagement with customers. Keith has been an industry analyst for more than a decade and prior was the editorial director of Call Center Magazine. There he pioneered coverage of cloud-based contact centers, speech recognition and processing, and the shift from voice to multichannel communications. He is a graduate of Amherst College.


Mark Ungerman

Product Marketing Director
NICE inContact

Mark Ungerman is a product marketing director for NICE inContact where he is focused on solutions that help small businesses improve customer experience and lifetime value. Prior to NICE inContact, Mark held influential roles at Symantec, Intuit, Solarwinds and other B2B SaaS companies building and bringing successful products to market. He earned dual master’s degrees in Business Administration and Information Systems from Brigham Young University.