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Building Friction-Free Customer Experiences

Provide Smooth Interactions to Build Repeat Business

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Every organization strives to make their customer experiences work better, but this can be challenging when the tools for the job are siloed applications that are scattered across different departments. If you want to create experiences that bring customers back and turn them into advocates for your brand, it’s important to choose software tools that work together, seamlessly.

Getting everyone who impacts the customer experience within an organization onto the same page can be difficult under normal circumstances—let alone during times of change or upheaval that scramble all our assumptions about customer expectations. Watch and listen to Keith Dawson to learn more!

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Keith Dawson

VP & Research Director of Customer Experience
Ventana Research

Keith Dawson is responsible for Customer Experience (CX) research, covering technology that facilitates engagement to optimize customer-facing processes. His focus areas include agent management, contact center and voice of the customer, along with technology in marketing, sales, field service and applications such as digital commerce and subscription management. Keith’s specialization is in natural language speech tools and the wide array of customer analytics.