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Learning Management: The Key to Talent Management Effectiveness

Digital Technologies Pave the Way

Learning Management in HCM

Ventana Research defines Human Capital Management (HCM) as the strategies, processes, practices and programs that organizations use to maximize the value delivered by their workforce. A key component of HCM is learning management, a continuous process designed to ensure that an organization’s employees have the skills, competencies and resources they need to be productive and engaged.

Effective learning management typically improves employee performance and therefore an organization’s competitive positioning. This is particularly true when learning processes are well integrated with the talent management processes used for evaluating performance, determining appropriate compensation and identifying successors when key employees leave. In our Next-Generation Learning Management benchmark research, nearly three-fourths (72%) of organizations indicated that using learning management results in more effective workers, and more than half (54%) indicated that it improves efficiency and productivity. Such improvements, even when modest, can have a significant impact on a medium to large business. The math is simple: Increasing by 5 percent a revenue of $100,000 per employee in a 5,000-person organization yields an additional $25 million.


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