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The Digital Age of Data Intelligence

Gain Market Insights and Improve Operational Execution

The Age of Data Intelligence

The age of data is here, and the value of all that data to organizations continues to increase. Data has, in fact, become integral to an organization’s ability to grow and thrive. So, it is essential that organizations tap into every available source of information that might help gain insight into operations. This includes data from all sources, everything from physical or digital activity, and including the identity of the consumer and any customer interactions. This is the basis of what is known as “data intelligence,” and properly deployed, data intelligence can be used to innovate and optimize business processes on a continuous basis.

Data itself should be at the core of that information base, including device-based data that reflects where consumers and customers live, travel, shop and visit. This location data provides the organization not only with the opportunity to understand consumers’ activities based on geography, but it offers a window into why consumers are making the choices they do. To develop this level of data intelligence, however, the information collected should represent both the physical (offline) and digital (online) activity of an individual, which can then be linked to location, actions, mobility and transactions. This requires the technological ability to first identify the consumer, and then to correlate a universe of third-party data to that identity. That unified data then can help an organization meet a range of marketing and operational requirements.


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