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Immedis Simplifies Global Payroll

Posted by Ventana Research on Dec 27, 2022 5:00:00 AM

Even when all workers are based in the same location under the same legal codes, local payroll can be complicated. When you consider the added complications of different states or even countries, the idea of global payroll can seem very complicated, as discussed in a recent perspective.

For all organizations, accurate and efficient payroll is one of the key responsibilities of HR departments and human capital management software. Buyers want accurate payroll VR_HCM_2022_Coverage_Logo (7)software that is quick and easy and automates processes at scale. We believe that by 2024, one-half of all payroll system customers will improve accuracy around – and minimize the need for – manual adjustments by adopting artificial intelligence-infused platforms that predict payroll transaction volumes by source and type.

Immedis is a consolidated global solutions platform that provides a unified view of global payroll operations, real-time data analytics and advanced reporting capabilities. Among other things, Immedis’ global payroll software maximizes smart technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to predict where bad transactions are going to occur – before they happen. For example, perhaps a new manager isn’t familiar with the timesheet process. Or maybe you have a new retail location opening with lots of hiring. Immedis watches for those possible snags in real time and will be alert to errors so the organization can prepare to react to those payroll events. The platform offers anomaly detection at the micro level, with systems smart enough to detect the smallest inconsistencies.

Immedis allows an organization to consolidate all payrolls into one, single dashboard. This enables viewing insights into reporting and analytics such as employer costs and validating data by integrating Immedis VR_2022_Payroll_Management_Assertion_2_Square_Quincywith HR and finance systems. In addition, the platform helps process automation, allowing organizations to catch errors earlier in the payroll process and ensure data legislation compliance, such as General Data Protection Regulation for personally identifiable information that should not be accessible by those without authority to view the information.

The Immedis platform also supports payroll at the macro level, and performs a test run to see if the information is accurate and best represented. It takes an organization’s data feeds from all global locations and brings them together so business and HR leadership can see across the organization. Immedis provides this unified view of global payroll in real time on one platform, supporting the workflow and processing requirements of multi-national organizations.

Immedis has launched its latest release – called One View – in its new cloud platform, delivering global payroll needs for a range of roles and focused on the experience of the worker examining a paystub. One View also provides a customer portal and supports mobile devices. The Immedis global payroll software is a focal point for an organization’s payroll function, supporting the languages and currencies required around the world.

Organizations looking to expand global payroll into one, cohesive system should consider Immedis. Having access to a unified platform and real-time analysis based on organizational data provides value beyond simply keeping an organization on track with regulatory compliance and paying people on time. Immedis provides the data for analysis of overtime, labor costs and other cost-benefit analyses, and guides HR, payroll, finance and business leaders, helping manage global payroll more efficiently.

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