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Board International is Exemplary in the Business Planning Value Index

Posted by Ventana Research on Feb 25, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Ventana Research is sharing insights about Board, drawn from our latest Value Index research, which assesses how well vendors’ offerings meet buyers’ requirements. The 2022 Ventana Research Value Index: Business Planning is a distillation of a year of market and product research efforts.

In all of our Value Indexes, we utilize a structured research methodology that includes evaluation categories designed to reflect real-world criteria incorporated in a request for proposal and vendor selection process for business planning. We evaluated Board and 13 other vendors in seven categories, five relevant to the product (Adaptability, Capability, Manageability, Reliability and Usability) and two related to the vendor (Total Cost of Ownership/Return on Investment and Vendor Validation). To arrive at the Value Index rating for a given vendor, we weighted each category to reflect its relative importance in an RFP process, with the weightings based on our expertise and research.

Board uses an in-memory multidimensional data model to provide planning and analytics for any organization. It’s able to change data values and recalculate — and write-back — results with no distinction for planning and analytics. Board was categorized as an Exemplary Vendor, ranking fourth overall in this Value Index evaluation. It also ranked fourth in Product Experience – where it was ranked first in Usability and designated as a Value Index Leader in that category. It scored above average in Capability. It ranked seventh in Customer Experience because of its lower ranking in our TCO/ROI assessment.

Our assessment finds that Board could perform better in Adaptability, where it ranked ninth, by further supporting customization and integration for mobile devices in planning. In TCO/ROI, where it ranked eighth, Board could improve the level of depth provided for cost of ownership. This assessment was based on the Board product, available in September of 2021.

As a result of the rapidly changing business landscape since 2020, and the need to quickly – and intelligently – change business plans and budgets to be agile and build resiliency, many organizations have decided to adopt dedicated software to support a planning approach that offers speed and flexibility. Transforming how organizations plan and budget has become a top-of-mind issue for chief financial officers and CEOs. Our Value Index can help organizations make better informed decisions on software that is best suited to business needs.

This research-based index is the most comprehensive assessment of the value of business planning software in the industry. Technology buyers can learn more about how to use our Value Index by clicking here, and included vendors that wish to learn more can click here. Read the report here.

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