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About our Research

Organizations are challenged to find authoritative information about technology vendors that they can rely on to help them shape and market their product roadmap and strategy. At a time when claims about technology fly about with the speed and reliability of gossip, authoritative, in-depth analysis based on reliable objective research is essential. Vendors that embrace and use authoritative research are certain to benefit from the credibility and attention.

About the Methodology

We offer our Value Index as a research-based guide for technology buyers and suppliers on current vendors and products. Our Value Index is designed to help influence the market through use as part of an RFI / RFP approach. Our carefully crafted and best practices-based methodology draws on our benchmark research to provide product and vendor analyses that reflect organizations’ priorities. The reports will guide them on how to assess vendors to avoid making a decision that will negatively impact the total cost of ownership and return on investment.



Using the Value Index

Our Value Index service provides an important product development service to help technology vendors understand all aspects on the fit of their product offerings with current and future market demand and how to position them to achieve and maintain a strong market position. Our Value Index service provides the following value:


Provide evaluation of your company & product offerings compared to competitors.


Educate buyers on the strengths of your offerings in the context of their needs.


Demonstrate your commitment in using research to validate your offering.

Value Index service is available in multiple packages that can include the following:

  • The market report for internal use in marketing, sales and product organizations that educates on category and products in the market.
  • Market consultation to gain research-based insights on the products from a vendor and technology perspective.
  • Licensed use of the research-based reports and graphics to engage prospects in the marketing funnel or sales process by using authoritative research to address their needs and options.

Our Value Index Services

Beyond being named in Ventana Research Value Indexes, vendors can receive custom advise about their performance, along with licensing reports for promotional use. To fit with various budgets and needs, we provide multiple packages with various services.


Performance Consultations

Receive direct feedback from our analysts on your performance in the Value Index and learn how to improve.

Report Licencing

License a copy of the market report for you team to use internally as a platform to prioritize improvements, or subset of the market report for marketing and sales promotions

Chart Usage

License the overall performance chart or a vendor specific performance chart as a tool for your marketing promotions and sales teams. 



Report Examples

Market Report




Executive Summary




Vendor Report





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