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Adobe is Innovative and Value Index Leader in Learning Management

Posted by Ventana Research on Mar 24, 2023 5:00:00 AM

We are happy to share some insights about Adobe drawn from our latest Value Index research, Ventana Research Value Index: Learning Management, which assesses how well vendors’ offerings meet buyers’ requirements.

In all of our Value Indexes we utilize a structured research methodology that includes evaluation categories designed to reflect real-world criteria incorporated in a request for Ventana_Research_Value_Index_Logo_Learning_Management_2023_Product_Experience_Leaderproposal (RFP) and vendor selection process for analytics and business intelligence. We evaluated Adobe and 13 other vendors in seven categories, five relevant to the product (Adaptability, Capability, Manageability, Reliability and Usability) and two related to the vendor (TCO/ROI and vendor Validation). To arrive at the Value Index rating for a given vendor, we weighted each category to reflect its relative importance in an RFP process, with the weightings based on our experience and on data derived from our benchmark research on learning management.

Adobe Learning Manager provides a focus on helping customers through digital experiences. Adobe Learning Manager is designed to help customers provide and optimize content forVentana_Research_Value_Index_Learning_Management_2023_Adobe learning processes. Adobe was categorized as an Innovative Vendor, ranking fourth overall in this Value Index evaluation. It ranked third in Product Experience, where it was designated a Value Index Leader in Adaptability. It ranked eighth in Customer Experience and its overall performance was impacted by its lower rankings in TCO/ROI and Reliability, which represent 20% of the weighting in the overall Value Index.

Our assessment finds that Adobe could perform better in Customer Experience, where it ranked eighth in the TCO/ROI category, by demonstrating its commitment to help customers measure and derive value from their investment. Adobe could also perform better in the area of Usability, where it ranked 11th, by showcasing how its product meets the varying needs of the different type of learners using the product. While the overall placement in Product Experience was quite high, at third, improving the Usability score could elevate Adobe even higher in the rankings.

This assessment was based on Adobe Learning Manager Update 80 products available in September of 2022.

Finally, Adobe, like all vendors in this market, should ensure they meet the evolving needs and expectations of its buyers and customers for enterprise-wide learning and provide it where and when workers need it as part of their work.

This research-based index is the most comprehensive assessment of the value of learning management software in the industry. Technology buyers can learn more about how to use our Value Index by clicking here and included vendors that wish to learn more can click here. Read the report here.

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