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NICE Earns Customer Experience Digital Innovation Award for 2022

Posted by Ventana Research on Jul 29, 2022 5:00:00 AM

The annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards showcase advances in the productivity and potential of business applications as well as technology that contributes significantly to the improved processes and performance of an organization. Our goal is to recognize technology and vendors that have introduced noteworthy digital innovations to advance business and IT that optimizes organizational resilience and workforce readiness.

VR_15th_Annual_Digital_Innovation_Award_Winner_Logo-png-2Ventana Research has awarded NICE CXone AutoFlow its prestigious 2022 Customer Experience Digital Innovation Award. This award is given to the vendor that best exemplifies innovation and change in support of an organization’s ability to maximize its people, processes, information and technology with regard to building and maintaining customer relationships. All finalists in the areas of CX were considered for this award.

Innovations in bringing timely information to bear on customer interactions have been critical to organizations’ efforts to produce and replicate the best experiences. New digital technologies are changing how customer agents are managed and how they execute their tasks, enabling simpler yet more effective interactions with contact centers and placing more intelligence in customer experience processes. These new tools make it possible to more effectively understand the complete voice of the customer, renovate digital commerce systems and enable a more effective digital subscription model.

Ventana Research selected NICE CXone for the 15th Annual Customer Experience Digital Innovation Award for its efforts to automate the training and creation of self-service bots, which have become the entry point for the majority of customer interactions. As an organization’s front door, the self-service system sets the tone for all touches to follow. NICE’s CXone AutoFlow was selected because of its ability to incorporate a vast corpus of customer intents and conversation flows into the automatic training of its artificial intelligence systems, which in turn accelerates the self-service bot’s time to value.

In recent years, NICE CXone has focused on helping organizations cope with an increased reliance on digital interactions, self-service and AI-powered automation side-by-side with agents. The glue that holds this broader service interaction environment together is AI and the data that it works on. NICE has been a longstanding vendor of contact center operating software, including agent management and interaction routing. In recent years the company has expanded its mission based on a broader conception of the customer experience that often bypasses the contact center: analytics for multiple users and use cases, and knowledge tools for both agents and self-service tools.

Using AutoFlow, organizations can automatically build a chatbot that is purpose-built for optimal intent recognition, with conversation paths that lead to the fastest resolution and the best customer experience possible. When self-service chatbots are able to successfully resolve requests (measured by first-call resolution) and provide a better customer experience (measured by customer satisfaction score and transactional net promoter score), that’s success for consumers and businesses, alike.

Organizations should explore how increasing automation takes much of the burden and complexity out of the service delivery process. Speeding the development of self-service bots, for example, allows an organization to remain flexible and responsive when business conditions change, without imposing a heavy price in time and resources to train those automation systems. If you have not examined how NICE and CXone Autoflow can help your organization, it is well worth your time. Congratulations, NICE CXone, for your digital innovation in CX.

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