Market Perspectives Brings Conversational AI to Reality

Posted by Ventana Research on Jan 10, 2023 5:00:00 AM

Every year, billions of digital interactions occur online. Artificial intelligence and machine learning become smarter. Organizations find new ways to efficiently handle customers and requests using automated self-service and the underlying technology it runs on: conversational AI. What used to be a niche capability is now at the forefront of today’s chatbot and automated customer service agent. To keep up with the rising usage of digital channels and interactions, organizations must enable intelligent self-service to enhance and provide a great customer experience. is a cloud-based provider of conversational AI that delivers an end-to-end platform with simplicity and unlimited scalability. Founded in 2016, the company offers a no-code VR_CX_2023_Coverage_Logo-1platform of virtual agents, voice and chatbots. markets its product as highly scalable while maintaining reliability and performance. Customers can have thousands of intents and responses. The platform offers purpose-build modules for specific industries. It is able to integrate with a variety of CX platforms such as Zendesk, Salesforce and Genesys. The virtual agent can also be integrated within systems like Slack, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Until recently, conversational AI and automated self-service were not widely accepted within the CX space. Slow, clunky and inaccurate bots were looked upon as more of a hindrance than a revenue-saver, serving only to delay the time it would take to speak to a human agent. But with the immense innovation in AI over the past decade, organizations are more accepting of this technology, finding it necessary to keep up with the demands of CX. The number of deflections to chatbots and automated agents has risen substantially over the past several years. We assert that by 2026, one-half of all customer interactions will be fully captured and resolved within automated, self-service channels, expanding to three-quarters by 2030.

No doubt one of’s strengths is how simple the platform is to use. A fast-start model of prebuilt intents that can be tweaked and improved enables organizations to hit the ground running. states Ventana_Research_2023_Assertion_Self-Service_Interaction_Capture_Resolution_40_Sthat new conversation flows can be added in minutes and can be easily connected to existing self-service software. This allows a variety of non-technical workers to edit and create advanced conversations and intents. A partnership with and Callminer will improve omnichannel insights received from the many channels these vendors can handle. Callminer is known for conversation intelligence that allows organizations to capture and analyze text and voice-based interactions, something does not offer. But pairing Callminer with delivers valuable insights from chatbots and automated agents. has proven to be one of the leaders in the conversational intelligence space. With an extremely simple, easy-to-use platform, paired with a variety of integrations, organizations can provide better service and response to customers, potentially saving tens of millions of dollars. With the news of a partnership with Callminer, has an opportunity to expand the conversational AI market from an otherwise niche space to a necessity for any CX-driven enterprise. Organizations in need of a fully automated chatbot to add to the existing CX stack should look to to fulfill those needs.

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