Business Technology Innovation
Key Trends in Optimizing IT for Competitive Advantage

Although technology trends seem to come and go with frightening regularity, some have a lasting impact on business. These are ones that change the way businesses operate and provide dramatic improvement for those that adopt them. Such technologies help organizations become operationally lean, agile and responsive, increase effectiveness and improve outcomes. Innovative technology also empowers executives, managers and workforces to operate their businesses more effectively.

But deciding which technologies to adopt and where to apply them requires thought and planning, and for many it is hard to know where to start and how best to ensure that they are not falling behind in competitive global markets. This confusion is multiplied when six game-changing technology innovations appear virtually simultaneously; each category requires its own approach to evaluation and selection of products, and this says nothing of the complexity of combining them. These technology innovations – big data, business analytics, business collaboration, cloud computing, mobile technology and social media – can enable new computing methods for the lines of business and IT in any industry as they strive to unlock full value from people, process, information and technology investments. Gaining this knowledge is no easy task; it requires thorough and wide-ranging research to find the best (and worst) practices that organizations need to understand as they try to increase their competency and effectiveness.

The Business Technology Innovation benchmark research explores in detail how companies can make technology deployments and use these choices to gain a competitive advantage and streamline operations. The research identified and quantified the ways in which organizations use each of six technology innovations across business and IT. It also explores the value of using these technologies to create more effective processes, and assesses the maturity of organizations’ current use and the benefits of deployment.


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