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Unlocking the Promise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Using Analytics and Data Science to Increase Value

Unlocking Business Value with AI/ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) have quickly become difference makers for organizations looking to develop a competitive advantage. AI/ML enables organizations to make sense of the increasingly large volumes of complex information they must process, especially as it becomes ever more important to analyze data in real time. Expecting individuals to sift through millions or billions of data points manually is inefficient, ineffective and unrealistic, so today’s data landscape requires algorithmic assistance for individuals tasked with making sense of the data.

AI/ML delivers real and measurable benefits. The most common benefit cited in our research is that AI/ML provides a competitive advantage, and organizations also report that AI/ML enables them to improve customer experiences, increase sales and respond faster to opportunities and threats. These benefits accrue due to the increased use of advanced analytics on data.


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