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Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation Creates a Digital Workforce

Posted by Ventana Research on Oct 27, 2021 5:00:00 AM

Robotic process automation has developed into a significant part of the enterprise software and low- to no-code development approach in the past few years. Organizations utilize the software primarily to automate predictable, rule-based, repetitive tasks, but the use is now expanding into more intelligent automation. Ventana Research sees the need for further innovation within the RPA market to better help organizations accelerate operational agility and efficiency by automating significant processes using digital workforces. More advanced technologies also have the capability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to better serve workers.

Use of RPA began with the automation of discrete tasks within multi-step processes. Today, the tools have grown to be highly versatile, bringing advanced digital techniques to bear — such as text and speech translation, blockchain incorporation, sentiment analysis and response, elastic search and ML — that enables them to handle increasingly complex requirements. Our analysis finds that RPA use has been evolving, incorporating more and more complex capabilities, such as the introduction of intelligent techniques, all of which help with sophisticated processing. As vendors expand use of these tools beyond pre-built reusable components, organizations can expedite processes, streamline operations and perform more complex procedures across a range of tasks.

VR_Digital_Tech_2021_Coverage_LogoBlue Prism, one of the foundational pioneers of RPA technologies, provides enterprise intelligent automation. Its product portfolio stems from a digital workforce of autonomous software robots equipped with AI capabilities, and spreads through process assessment tools, a design studio and control rooms. Blue Prism emphasizes greater scalability, extensibility and usability, making its intelligent automation platform available via public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, including cloud computing distributions. In particular, Blue Prism’s platform uses no-code automation to help push the boundaries of RPA services across a variety of processes within an enterprise. RPA combined with AI and cognitive abilities creates a true differentiating factor for Blue Prism’s products in the digital workforce. Additionally, Blue Prism offers services to help delegate and build automated tools that cohesively scale task volume, assign processes, boost performance and deliver improved experiences for the user. Blue Prism’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of RPA services, via their business-developed, no-code intelligent automation platform will contribute towards advancements in the RPA industry. These innovative products expand the scope of work that organizations are able to automate, which in turn boosts efficiency and can help introduce new revenue streams.

Blue Prism’s digital workforce is the catalyst to more advanced capabilities that will empower organizations to automate a variety of processes. The workforce can be further trained by providing direct access to AI, ML and other innovative technologies found within Blue Prism’s product portfolio, all expanding automated capabilities. Blue Prism’s product portfolio has been organized into categories of “discover,” “design” and “deliver” to meet the needs across an organization. With the constantly evolving RPA market, Blue Prism’s intelligent automation in the cloud provides organizations with greater control to allocate work, remove barriers of scale and gain significant flexibility. Plus, Blue Prism provides multiple deployment operations that include combining various strategies to help extend automation capabilities.

Blue Prism has received high praise for its adaptive tools, wide range of out-of-the-box capabilities and ease of implementation, but more ML models to better help the digital workforce think intelligently would be beneficial. Enhancements to enable newcomers to easily use such advanced software would significantly help with the productivity and efficiency of the tools.

VR_2021_Robotic_Automation_Assertion_3_Square (1)Organizations in every industry looking to automate business processes to enhance operational efficiency should examine the intelligent automation technology that Blue Prism provides. By 2025, over two-thirds of organizations will standardize to a single digital platform for intelligent workflow management and will deploy RPA to eliminate redundant manual work. . With Blue Prism, organizations can quickly implement RPA tools with an easy-to-use control room platform, extended capabilities of a design studio and an intelligent digital workforce. Using clever technologies that learn business processes just like humans, organizations can experience the secure digital workforce that easily and readily helps scale business.

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