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Why Data and AI Matter in Sales

A Unified Approach and Integration Are Keys to Greater Success

Data and AI Can Optimize Revenue

Revenue growth is a key indicator of competitive success. This is a given, yet for many companies, competing successfully is becoming more difficult. No matter the size of the organization, it seems there are new competitors in the market, both domestic and international. Additionally, the buyers themselves are more informed now, and able to use the internet to research vendors before engaging. To find revenue success in this new world, companies need to adopt an approach that ensures the customer’s journey is proactively managed, from first engagement and throughout the entire buying lifecycle.

This is best facilitated by a common platform that supports an integrated revenue management approach. Technology and data should be part of that process because they are, after all, integral to any modern sales and revenue organization playbook. The goal in data utilization is to ensure that all aspects of the customer journey are managed, and data sets should include both internal and supplemental external data. Furthermore, the data should enable all revenue-supporting teams—sales, marketing and customer service—as effectively as possible in order to maximize both revenue and customer retention. This kind of data integration will lead to opportunities for expansion and cross-sell while also encouraging customer renewal and retention.


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