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Avoiding Cloud Data Cost Overruns

Optimize Cloud Deployments for Improved Performance and Bottom Line

Cloud Data Promises Go Unrealized

The anticipated benefits of cloud computing have encouraged organizations to accelerate adoption of cloud-based applications and services. Data and analytics are no exception, especially as more and more of an organization’s data resides in the cloud. Most organizations (86%) expect the majority of data to eventually be in the cloud, and nearly all (99%) of the participants in our research plan to do analytics in the cloud.

Cloud deployments promise a number of benefits, most notably the agility to respond to changing business needs with elasticity for unpredictable workloads and the flexibility to adopt and deploy new applications much more quickly. Organizations expect lower capital costs due to the elimination of both data center expenses and the need to overprovision for peak workloads, plus lower ongoing costs with pay-as-you-go and pay-for-what-you-use pricing. Importantly, cloud computing offers greater scalability, with practically unlimited cloud-based resources at every organization’s disposal.


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