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Key Requirements for Building Analytic Applications

Satisfy Both Line of Business and IT

Tying Analytics to Operations

The ultimate objective of analytics in organizations is to improve operations with better, fact based decision making. But doing so requires that decisions are made within the proper context so they are relevant and accurate. This context includes the relevant data needed to perform the analysis, and this can come from many sources both inside and outside the organization. For example, social media data can provide a more complete picture of customers, so including this data as part of the decision-making process about customer service responses can result in a better customer experience.

Embedding analytics in business processes enhances the contextual use of analyses. Line-of-business personnel use applications throughout the day that support their job functions, so embedding analytics in these applications make the analytics easier to access without interrupting existing workflows. Indeed, our research shows that nearly threequarters (72%) of participants report it is important to deliver analytics embedded into business applications. Mobile capabilities also help provide context by enabling the workforce to bring analytics along wherever the job may take them.


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