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The Age of Communication Platforms

A New Era of Digitally Secure and Open Technology

The New Era of Communication

Demand is growing for a new generation of modern communication technology for the enterprise. Individuals within organizations have the need to connect and collaborate with others at any time for any purpose, and while this need is present under normal business conditions, it is further heightened during abnormal conditions when maintaining business continuity becomes critical. But instead of featuring comprehensive technology, the current state of digital communication within organizations is marked by splintered collections of email, messaging and conferencing tools that are neither connected to each other nor used consistently across the organization.

The expectation now is that communication technology is simple and easy to use and can be accessed via any electronic device, including smartphones and tablets. The workforce needs the ability to interact with team members inside or outside of an organization at any time, no matter the location. This expectation extends beyond internal communication to also include communication with customers, suppliers and other external partners. Customers expect easy, simple communication via any device and in any channel while also maintaining the context of the conversation across these channels.


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