Value Indexes

Research-Based Vendor and Product Guide for Technology Buyers and Suppliers 

The Ventana Research Value Index is an analytic representation of our assessment of how well vendors’ offerings meet buyers’ requirements. We use a carefully crafted best practices-based methodology that reflects how organizations actually assess vendors. We believe it is a service to both organizations and vendors to take this approach, since making the wrong decisions can raise the total cost of ownership for an organization, lower the return on investment and hamper its ability to reach its performance potential.

The Value Index evaluates the software in seven key categories. Five are product-related: usability, manageability, reliability, capability and adaptability. In ad­dition, we consider two customer assurance categories: vendor validation and total cost of ownership and return on investment (TCO/ROI). We use the extensive body of our benchmark research as a framework to validate the prioritization contained in and the focus of each Value Index assessment. We also blend our firm’s and industry analyst ex­perience, research and comprehen­sive ven­dor and product framework to yield the only reliable research-based tool for de­termining what technology users need and what products they should consider.

Our Value Index guides provide an impor­tant service; if an organization’s goal is to im­prove its maturity across people, process, infor­mation, and technology, it is cri­ti­cal that it be able to select the vendor and pro­duct that will do the job best.

For more information on the Value Index and how we select vendors for inclusion in our Value Indexes, see our inclusion policy.

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Analytics and Business Intelligence

The role of Business Intelligence software has grown exponentially over the last decade. And as it has grown; so too has analytics-based decision making. In order to get these high-value insights; businesses need the best tools. The Ventana Research

Business Planning 2015

Planning is a key component to all businesses; but often; the reality does not go according to plans. In businesses; this discrepancy can increase costs and waste time. But with the right tools; organizations can more closely align their plans to the

Data Integration 2012

With the rise in the use of analytics and big data; companies are dependent on the data they collect. But if the data is not formatted in a way that analytics tools can access and use it; the results produced will be incomplete or inaccurate. This is

Financial Performance Management 2013

Financial performance management software plays a critical role in organizations. These tools deal with the full cycle of the finance department; including planning and budgeting; analysis; assessment and review; closing and consolidation; and intern

Mobile Business Intelliegence for 2016

Over the last 10 years; the use of analytics to make decisions in business has been making its way to the forefront; with organizations of all sizes gaining insights from analytics that were not available before. And with this changing landscape has

Payroll Management 2015

In many organizations; routine functions can be overlooked as places for improvement; and payroll management is one of those areas. With the growth of integrated systems in human capital management; the once stand-alone function of payroll is being b

Product Information Management 2015

In the information age; access is key for organizations. This is especially true for product information; where multiple areas in a business need to be able to access the same information; and have it always be up-to-date. And as the number of ways t

Total Compensation Management 2016

Compensation management used to address a very specific need; managing compensation. But as the information age has transformed how businesses utilize and leverage analytics; compensation management has grown in scale. While the main function is the

Workforce Management 2017

Workforce management goes beyond tracking time worked; it also needs to provide tools to understand employee productivity and help maximize their time. As such; the Ventana Research Value Index: Workforce Management in 2014 analyzes current products

Workforce Optimization 2016

In a growing service-based economy; every business needs to make the buying experience enjoyable; both prior and after purchase. To do this; employees need to be able to access customer and product information at any stage of the buying cycle. This i

Contact Center in the Cloud

To remain competitive, organizations must deliver the best possible customer experience through all channels of engagement. Our benchmark research finds that with consumers having embraced the internet, particularly social media and mobile devices, customers today are communicating with companies through more channels than ever before. The top three channels remain established ones: inbound calls, email and outbound calls. However, the volumes of interactions are expected to grow most in a number of digital channels