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Enhance Analytics Performance and Impact in the Cloud

Improve Outcomes and Cost Performance with a Modern Approach

Embracing Cloud Analytics

This we already know: Data is moving to the cloud. As cloud applications have been adopted, this has meant that many critical sources of data for analytics now or soon will live in the cloud. In fact, nearly nine in 10 (89%) participants in our research reported that they plan to use cloud-based analytics deployments, and the overwhelming majority of organizations (86%) expect that most of their data will eventually be in the cloud.

One reason data is moving to the cloud is that data warehouses and data lakes in the cloud are easier to set up and administer than similar on-premises systems. And this is just one of the many reasons that cloud-based analytics are inevitable. Adoption of cloud data technologies has been driven largely by business applications and productivity tools. IT has also embraced cloud infrastructure for many development and test deployments, especially where the demand for resources might be intermittent. Beyond these technical reasons to adopt cloud-based systems, organizations are driven by the desire to be more flexible and agile in their business processes and to achieve time to value more rapidly.


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