Request a Briefing

Please review the following to efficiently interact with our research team for initiating or maintaining research coverage

Request a Briefing (Initiate Research Coverage)

Our briefing process is a cooperative effort which validates a vendor company, products and customers. Here are the steps to request a briefing and begin research coverage:


  • To request a 30-minute briefing with an analyst, please complete this briefing form
  • Upon receipt of the form, we will respond within 5 business days to approve or deny the briefing.

After Approval:

  • We require a Ventana Research Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) prior to the briefing.
  • Time/date will be set
  • We require a copy of your company and product presentation 24 hours in advance of the briefing.


  • Customer reference check will be completed. Please provide two to three references with contact information including company, name, email and phone number.
  • Once the customer reference check is completed, research initiation will begin. Vendor’s company will be listed on our website in related research practice areas.
  • If Vendor does not respond with briefing form and references within 90 days of initial contact then research coverage evaluation will not be considered. 


Maintain Research Coverage

For those vendors who are already covered, we require at least one briefing per year to maintain research coverage. Briefings are 30 minutes in length unless you are an advisory client, where additional time can be requested for providing feedback and advice for improvement. We prefer to receive updates electronically on a quarterly basis as well as when new company, product or customer announcements impact the industry. All briefings on announcements should be requested no sooner than two weeks before the announcement. If we do not receive an update within one year or if the research team is not able to maintain an understanding of the vendor, we will remove a vendor from research coverage. Our briefing process for vendors currently covered within a research practice is the following:

  • Please complete this briefing form
  • Upon receipt of the form, we will respond within 5 business days to approve or deny the briefing.
  • We require a copy of your company and product presentation 24 hours in advance of the briefing.

*When the briefing process is complete we will decide if the briefing warrants an analyst perspective to be written.

Ventana Research Coverage Policy Disclaimer

Ventana Research reserves the right to assess, evaluate, establish, maintain or drop research coverage of technology vendors based on its own analysis and judgment. If for any reason Ventana Research believes a technology vendor is not acting ethically or conduct is questionable to continue research coverage and be part of recommendations, the technology vendor will be removed from coverage.


About the Briefing Process

To ensure we optimize the time spent by both your organization and ours, Ventana Research asks you to complete this pre-briefing information request before we approve and schedule a 30 minute briefing with our analysts. We will respond to your request within 5 business days. Our analysts must have an opportunity to review your presentation and other supporting material in advance. If an organization wants feedback or guidance on the market, company, products, marketing or sales - these inquiries are only provided through the Ventana OnDemand advisory and research service and not completed during brifeings. Please email for more informatiod about Ventana OnDemand. We expect the briefing documents and/or presentation to be delivered to the analyst at least 72 hours in advance in the format outlined below.

Please note the information you provide will be treated as confidential and we request that the Ventana Research mutual non-disclosure agreement is in place prior to the briefing.

Sample 30 Minute Agenda

  1. Company Overview – Presentation – 5 Minutes
    1. Top Executives/ Background
    2. Employees, Customers, Partnerships
    3. Market strategy
  2. Solutions / Products Overview – Presentation – 10 minutes
    1. History, version, latest version, # customers with latest release
    2. Positioning/value proposition/benefits/ROI
    3. New features/benefits in latest release and claimed differentiation
  3. Product Demonstration – 10 Minutes
    1. Product feature overview – screenshots/live demo
  4. Dialogue / Next Steps – 5 Minutes

Briefing Form