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Quest for Skilled Talent is Achievable with TalentQuest

Posted by Ventana Research on Feb 10, 2022 4:00:00 AM

Talent management is a priority as organizations continue to face multiple disruptions because of the pandemic and business continuity issues related to the workforce. It has never been more important to get leaders up to speed and help them acquire the knowledge necessary for the organization to remain competitive and keep the workforce both compliant and engaged. Most talent management efforts are more functional rather than focused on the processes that ensure the desired engaged and skilled workforce. Yet, many organizations fail to realize that it’s the experience in learning that matters most, as articulated in our perspective on how to build organizational readiness. Increasing engagement for learning across the workforce is important to ensure effective skills and talent in the organization.

TalentQuest is a talent management software provider that focuses on optimal candidate recruitment and selection, skill preparation through effective onboarding, operational and career advancement, and succession planning to lead optimal performance. Its TQ portfolio of applications for talent management support candidate acquisition, performance, compensation and success activities that need effective insights to individual skills and future potential.

TalentQuest is investing in innovative ways to connect learning content to talent management through its portfolio of applications designed to provide blended and immersive learning experiences. The outcome is to rapidly enable the workforce to perform work in the most effective manner. TalentQuest enables organizations to provide content that is not only engaging but imparts the skills to perform in a more direct manner. Skill-focused content is created with the role as a reference, and training can be conducted in a short period of time through microlearning and “learning pathways.” This approach enables workers to engage and learn for their career requirements. Ventana Research asserts that by 2024, learning management systems (LMS) and learning experience platforms (LXP) with embedded skill and job ontologies that recommend optimal learning paths will guide one-half of organizations to elevate employee engagement, retention and productivity.

For an organization to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, it needs to have the ability to quickly adjust and implement new strategies. The best way to provide this type of agility is through a digital learning platform equipped to handle skills-development needs, including recruiting, compensation and performance. If digital learning content is engaging, leaders and the workforce are more likely to retain the information and apply the skills learned in the most effective manner. Successful learning is provided in the duration and components that can be best absorbed by the worker. Learning experiences and effectively created pathways are equipped with on-the-go learning content available dynamically and aligned to the career and aspirational needs of the worker. Legacy approaches in outsourcing or third-party training are not necessary with effective digital learning investments.

TalentQuest offers software to manage talent and learning throughout an employee’s career and work life cycle. Ventana Research asserts that by 2024, self-directed career management will be utilized by one-half of organizations using an LMS or LXP, supporting employee desires to explore alternative career paths while identifying skill gaps needing to be addressed. Given today’s climate and the speed of business, leaders should assess TalentQuest’s offering for hiring, managing, developing and training workers. All organizations can benefit from TalentQuest’s talent management and learning software designed to create engaging learning content that can significantly improve workforce readiness and organizational resilience foundational to success.

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