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OneStream Earns Office of Finance Digital Innovation Award for 2022

Posted by Ventana Research on Aug 8, 2022 5:00:00 AM

The annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards showcase advances in the productivity and potential of business applications as well as technology that contributes significantly to the improved processes and performance of an organization. Our goal is to recognize technology and vendors that have introduced noteworthy digital innovations to advance business and IT that optimizes organizational resilience and workforce readiness.

VR_15th_Annual_Digital_Innovation_Award_Winner_Logo (1)-1Ventana Research has awarded OneStream's Sensible Machine Learning its prestigious 2022 Digital Innovation Award in Office of Finance. This award is given to the vendor that best exemplifies innovation and change for the Office of Finance, supporting an organization’s ability to maximize its people, processes, information and technology. All finalists in the areas of Office of Finance expertise were considered for this award.

The demand for more artificial intelligence-enabled approaches to repetitive tasks has rapidly become a priority for every organization. The technology enables organizations to streamline processes and reduce errors, freeing up time to focus on resolving exceptions and working more intelligently in Office of Finance. Ventana Research offers fact-based strategic advisory services to the Office of Finance that are designed to resolve process and people issues by addressing the underlying defects in technology (software) and information (data). Through its understanding of the vendor landscape and technology trends, Ventana Research enables its clients to maximize technology investments for every aspect of the finance and accounting department.

Ventana Research selected OneStream for the 15th Annual Digital Innovation Award in Office of Finance for its Sensible ML offering, which is in limited general release. AI using machine language will be the most consequential technology for business computing over the coming decade. Ventana Research asserts that by 2025, almost all vendors of software designed for finance organizations will have incorporated some AI capabilities to reduce workloads and improve performance. Increasingly, all vendors of software aimed at the Office of Finance will differentiate offerings by the capabilities and accuracy of AI functionality.

Sensible ML is designed to reduce bias in forecasting, increase its accuracy and ultimately enable better business decisions by assessing operational and financial options in tandem. Organizations should assess Sensible ML to understand its potential to improve the effectiveness of forecasting, planning and budgeting processes and judge whether using AI built around machine learning can achieve efficiency gains by substantially lowering workloads and shortening planning and budgeting cycle times. These benefits are likely to be impactful and are therefore high on executives’ wish list for using AI to improve organizational performance to gain agility and competitiveness.

If you have not examined how OneStream and Sensible ML can help Office of Finance, it is well worth your time. Congratulations, OneStream, for your digital innovation in Office of Finance.

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