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Employee Experience is Better with Workflows from ServiceNow

Posted by Ventana Research on May 17, 2022 5:00:00 AM

A productive and engaged workforce is fundamental to many successful enterprises/organizations. But the pandemic has created unique challenges to “business as usual” and has transformed the employee experience across nearly all aspects. This transformation is an opportunity for organizations to reinvent their workplace, especially in consideration of remote personnel who may be spread across all regions of the globe but still need to feel connected and work efficiently. One key to providing a positive and meaningful workplace environment is supporting high-value interactions between employee and employer. These can be seen across organizations’ workflows, for example, by enabling a unified and personalized employee experience using intelligent workflows for complex processes like onboarding, training, coaching and the employee lifecycle. Ventana Research has asserted by 2024, personalization capabilities in HCM systems will allow three-quarters of organizations to benefit from recommendations that make the employee experience more meaningful, satisfying and productive.

VR_HCM_2022_Coverage_Logo (2)-pngServiceNow has been providing digital workflows for enterprise operations across IT and line of business. That includes case tracking and ticketing, which is the core component of its platform, as well as HR and Workplace Service Delivery. ServiceNow’s Now Platform serves both internal and external support needs, from IT service management to external customer support to enhanced internal employee support.

The platform includes many capabilities to deliver cross-enterprise digital workflows and enhances the employee experience using employee journey management to support in-moment tasking, learning and listening. Automation Discovery is ServiceNow’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered operational platform which is connected across all tools in the Now Platform to deliver better, more actionable outcomes.

VR_2022_Employee_Experience_Assertion_1_Square_Quincy-pngIt also provides what is called Employee Center, which is ServiceNow’s new standard, multi-department portal for service delivery and employee engagement. This portal is designed to both support a hybrid workforce with cross-departmental services and guide the employee’s journey through provides curated experiences for employees, targeted campaigns to employees, employee forums and collaboration integration with Microsoft Teams. Its more recent release advances its workplace service delivery for hybrid workforces, support for HR agent workspace for help desks and support for legal and contractual items related to employees relationship with employer.

An example of this guided journey is what ServiceNow calls Learning Posts, a platform designed to recommend personalized content to employees based on their position and interests. It uses AI to curate new courses that might be of interest to the employee and delivers them to their Employee Center dashboard through their Employee Center dashboard. Disengagement is one of the most prevailing issues for any organizations’ workforce and the costs of this condition include productivity dips, revenue erosion, customer dissatisfaction and retention issues, accidents, compliance fines and employer brand reputation damage. By consistently updating and providing suggestions on how to grow and learn, the organization strives keep their employees engaged and empowered thereby reducing turnover and fatigue. Systems deliver the best return on investment when they help an organization maximize employee productivity and commitment and also retain top talent.

This notion, that it is not just about the beginning or end of an employee’s journey in the organization but rather everything that happens in between, is what can drive better employee satisfaction and enhanced productivity for that organization. ServiceNow is taking the moments that matter most in their customers’ employees’ work lives and helping them navigate that path to deliver an exceptional experience.

Organizations should be paying more attention to the steady improvements that vendors like ServiceNow are making in the employee experience and employee journey segment. As vendors like ServiceNow lean into AI-powered service, onboarding, training and coaching, the digital transformation of the employee experience will increase employee satisfaction and efficiency as well as agility and productivity across the enterprise. Organizations looking to increase their expertise in these employee-focused areas should look to ServiceNow to see if it fits their needs.

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