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BD Earns 2022 Digital Leadership Award in Analytics with ThoughtSpot

Posted by Ventana Research on Dec 8, 2022 5:00:00 AM

The 15th annual Ventana Research Digital Leadership Awards recognize organizations and individuals that utilize technology to advance business and IT. The Awards showcase professional leadership and their use of business applications or technology that led to improved organizational efficiency, productivity and performance. These leaders and pioneers have contributed to their organization’s success and championed improvements across people, processes, information and technology.

VR_15th_Annual_Digital_Leadership_Award_Winner (2)Ventana Research has awarded Brendon Hill at Becton, Dickinson and Company its prestigious 2022 Digital Leadership Award in Analytics for using ThoughtSpot. This award recognizes the individual, organization and technology that best exemplifies leadership in any use or application of analytics across business and/or IT. All award finalists in the Analytics expertise area were considered for this prestigious award.

The need for organizations to operate smarter requires insights derived from analytics through processes and technology. Analytics paired with data science advances the sophistication of the organization, introducing techniques such as discovery, machine learning, predictive analytics and visualization. Accessibility is increasing through cloud computing, mobile technology and collaboration, making data easier to consume through different mediums and natural language presentation formats.

Ventana Research selected Becton, Dickinson and Company, also known as BD, as winner of the 15th Annual Digital Leadership Award in Analytics for its embedded analytics engine that advances insights into patient care for medical and healthcare processes. BD is a multinational medical technology company that manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems and reagents, and provides consulting and analytics services in certain geographies. This award recognizes BD for using data and analytics as a strategic pillar of its business, connecting devices to create groundbreaking insights that are positively impacting hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare governing bodies. Named the BD HealthSight Medication Safety Analytics project, this initiative initially targets the BD Alaris system, a suite of infusion devices and software that helps clinicians administer fluids, medications, blood and blood products to adult, pediatric or neonatal patients. BD Alaris infusion devices are the most commonly used smart infusion pumps in US hospitals.

The BD HealthSight team set out to create a comprehensive, powerful application that empowers BD Alaris users to efficiently analyze large volumes of Alaris system data, identify patterns with a focus on top medication safety concerns and take action to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. The HealthSight Medication Safety Analytics application provides non-technical clinical users with the ability to get answers on demand, with continuously refreshed, user-customizable data visualizations. The Medication Safety Analytics application has provided hospitals and health systems with unprecedented access to information, increasing speed to insight and action. Nurses, pharmacists and other system users are able to access predefined key performance indicators on demand as well as search for system usage details by drug, hospital, patient, clinician and a range of other criteria.

BD selected ThoughtSpot as its strategic partner and provider of the embedded analytics engine for Medication Safety Analytics. ThoughtSpot makes the huge volumes of data generated by the BD Alaris system more accessible, usable and meaningful for health system customers, in turn improving patient care and safety. BD has been able to short-circuit entire innovation cycles and bring this application to market quickly, then respond rapidly to customer enhancement requests. Participating practitioners can efficiently analyze large volumes of Alaris system data to identify patterns with a focus on top medication safety concerns, and take action to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. ThoughtSpot has delivered valuable capabilities that opened up new revenue streams for BD while empowering the BD HealthSight team to accelerate innovation cycles and continually hit key milestones on time.

BD and Brendon Hill were selected for this award because HealthSight Medication Safety Analytics enables clinicians to continually monitor performance against predefined KPIs, observe trends in near-real time as opposed to waiting for the next monthly or quarterly data review and drill down on usage patterns and anomalies to identify root causes of trends that were previously poorly understood or entirely unknown because the insight required hours of manual manipulation to uncover. Now participants increase the efficiency of scarce clinical resources supporting infusion practice data analytics and gain visibility into key attributes and trends related to usage of the Alaris system within a single hospital, or across an entire multi-hospital health system. They can discover the most significant opportunities for improving patient safety and increasing clinician efficiency, and identify practice changes that enable hospitals to achieve industry-accepted infusion KPI targets.

Organizations need to go beyond transformation of analytics and work towards innovation to maximize the value of business and technology investments across people and processes and optimize digital potential. ThoughtSpot addresses the challenges of simplifying accessibility and presentation of analytics. Organizations that need to make analytics impactful will appreciate ThoughtSpot’s flexibility, enabling agility to meet business requirements. If you have not examined how ThoughtSpot can help your organization, it is well worth your time. Congratulations, Brendon Hill at BD, for your leadership.

Ventana Research offers guidance on analytics to help organizations apply technology to derive optimal value of data. Going beyond earlier methods of business intelligence, dashboards and reports is essential to ensure that everyone is able to not only access analytics, but act on them to optimize the business. Change is required to maintain competitiveness and to enable business resilience and analytic readiness to achieve the outcomes your organization deserves.

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