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Appcast Transforms Recruitment with Programmatic Advertising

Posted by Ventana Research on Mar 7, 2023 5:00:00 AM

The past few years have seen major changes in how organizations try to attract new talent. Previously, organizations would place advertisements in a newspaper, but with the rise of the internet, businesses have more options than ever to reach candidates. Unfortunately, with so many job boards and advertising channels, qualified candidates might miss relevant ads. This has created an opportunity for vendors like Appcast to maximize data analytics and artificial intelligence for more effective recruitment marketing.

Appcast offers managed services for recruitment advertising. The company has developed rules-based algorithms to guide programmatic advertising. AI analyzes the best ad VR_HCM_2023_Coverage_Logo-1placement options for each job to convert clicks into applies. Compared to traditional pay-per-click or pay-to-post models that may return little to no results, this approach optimizes recruitment marketing dollars to attract skilled and qualified candidates.

Programmatic advertising allows organizations to use the fewest resources in the most targeted way to ensure visibility by qualified applicants. Based upon our research, we assert that by 2025, one-half of all organizations will take advantage of programmatic recruiting capabilities that ensure optimal sourcing channels are used for each open job, including effective cost management.

Appcast supports organizations of all sizes across all disciplines. The software may be particularly effective for recruiting agencies and staffing organizations due to high-volume hiring. Appcast’s data and analytics VR_2023_Assertion_Talent_Programmatic_Recruiting_16_Sfocus is a differentiator, allowing organizations to adjust job advertisements in real time to ensure the most qualified candidates respond to job postings.

Service options include a premium offering tailored to an organization’s recruitment needs and budget, and a global program covering 138 countries. The company’s Xcelerate plan substitutes a “pay-per-applicant" fee for software costs. Customers get the benefit of efficient, managed programmatic advertising services but only pay for a legitimate applicant, which delivers the best possible return on investment for recruitment marketing dollars. Insights from real-time data and analytics help adjust advertising for enhanced responsiveness.

Organizations are competing to find the best talent. Without the benefit of data analysis and AI, hiring a new worker can be time-consuming, costly and frustrating. Programmatic advertising is a plus for every business with staffing challenges, and offers a streamlined, cost-effective option over more traditional means of hiring. Appcast’s data-driven programs deliver high ROI for advertising that ensures the most qualified candidates see (and hopefully apply) for jobs. It should be on the evaluation list for any organization considering programmatic recruitment.

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