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Alvaria’s CX Platform Delivers Personalized Experiences

Posted by Ventana Research on May 3, 2022 5:00:00 AM

In the present-day market where the gap between consumers and the vendors they engage is shrinking, an organization’s ability to deliver a personalized customer experience is more important than ever. Consumers expect interactions that are intuitive, agile and accessible across a wide variety of channels. Ensuring an experience that exceeds expectation and creates an environment that is relational rather than transactional, however, is becoming increasingly challenging.

To engage today’s consumers and gain a competitive advantage, organizations must deploy an ever-increasing array of communication channels. Ventana Research asserts that by 2024, 7 in ten customer interactions will combine automated conversational self-service and live agents, reducing costs, time and enabling agents to focus on high-value interactions. Our Benchmark Research on Enabling Omnichannel Customer Experiences finds that organizations support an average of eight interaction channels per inquiry, and expect to see volumes increase on all channels, especially digital access through text-based messaging, chat, mobile and social apps. By 2025, Ventana Research asserts that one-half of all customer interactions will be entirely handled by automated systems with no human in the loop, helping minimize the costs of increasing volume. Unfortunately, the systems that manage these channels are typically disparate and uncoordinated and may not use the same underlying technology.

Alvaria was created in 2021 from the merger of Noble Systems and Aspect Software, two software vendors that have spent decades operating in the contact center market. Alvaria’s latest offering, Alvaria CX Suite, is a series of modular, scalable software applications that support automated and live inbound and outbound interactions across voice, SMS, chat, social, email and mobile communications. Available on-premises and as private cloud deployments, Alvaria CX Suite aims to streamline customer experience management, increase efficiency and productivity, improve the quality and effectiveness of customer interactions, and meet regulatory and compliance requirements, all while reducing costs.

The story of the past five years (aside from the pandemic) has been the consolidation of sets of applications into larger suites. Alvaria CX Suite is no exception, distilling the proven Aspect and Noble platforms into a single suite that features advanced voice and omnichannel capabilities, compliant outreach, sophisticated interactive voice response, natural language understanding, self-service, customer insights and analytics. Due to Alvaria CX Suite’s modular nature, an organization can pick and choose what it needs and how it should be deployed, then add on to support growth.

Rapidly evolving technological advances both within the consumer sphere and in CX management offerings like Alvaria CX Suite give organizations an opportunity to reach consumers in new, more personal ways. For example, by 2025, Ventana Research asserts that 3 in ten customer interactions will be conducted asynchronously by SMS text messaging, with the majority of those consisting of outbound promotional messaging. This new method of contact can yield pathways to achieve an exceptional customer experience.

Embracing a streamlined, omnichannel CX approach allows organizations of any size to more effectively — and more creatively — bridge the gap between themselves and increasingly tech-savvy consumers, bringing a competitive advantage. Buyers should seek out modular application suites such as Alvaria CX Suite to meet their individual needs.

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