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Phenom Optimizes Talent Management for Improved People Experiences

Posted by Ventana Research on Oct 21, 2022 5:00:00 AM

The practical advancement of artificial intelligence is being realized by embedding it into applications across human capital management processes. Using AI to generate personalization enables workflows for managers to make quicker and better decisions, ranging from talent acquisition to engaging candidates to become more effective workers. The challenge for organizations is to find applications that use AI to support daily tasks of workers and HR teams, advancing the talent of the organization. Aside from finding the right software, organizations must also identify technology vendors that are equipped to properly train users for successful adoption. Companies like Phenom not only use AI for optimizing talent experiences to hire, develop and retain people into the workforce, but employ AI to change how talent is empowered to be talent.

VR_HCM_2022_Coverage_Logo (4)Phenom is an AI-powered global HR technology company focused on the blend of experiences from candidates and recruiters to the manager to the HR team. The company is committed to continued product innovations, with its Phenom HR Experience, its talent management platform. This application enables workforce planning that supports the management of competencies, skills, jobs and career paths to ensure the proper balance of talent, diversity and representation across the workforce.

Phenom has made many advancements in the employee and hiring manager experience. It uses AI in several areas, including its career framework, intelligent automation for the frontline, impact dashboard for equitable hiring practices and personalization for candidate and recruiter engagement.

Phenom is taking a proactive approach to ensure significant value from its products through practical application of AI. This lightens the load for HR teams, enhancing the administrative process by providing automated workflows. Workers save time on mundane, repetitive tasks, allowing HR teams time to play a more strategic role within the organization. With enhanced, AI-powered products, Phenom’s technology directly benefits HR leaders and hiring teams, helping them reach their full potential.

VR_2022_HCM_Assertion_2_Square_QuincyProperly implementing software for talent management requires a connection to the heart of people — their profiles, skills and what they can or do represent to the organization. Ventana Research believes that by 2024, one-half of organizations will expect their HR technology assets to also be utilizing AI/ML for personalization in the areas of coaching, total rewards and career support. Phenom addresses this by connecting required capabilities that have the greatest impact to the organization through a range of career pathing and mentoring that can happen across teams. The product is designed to enable leaders to get workers from the top down and bottom up excited to use the technology. Whether employees lack bandwidth required for training, or simply feel indifferent about using new software, Phenom equips organizations with the support needed to get products adopted quickly, with the hopes of little pushback.

Investing in software to effectively manage talent will not only set an organization apart competitively, but will also create a company culture that workers can be proud of.  For decades, organizations lacked the wherewithal to truly get a return on investment with HCM software. But companies like Phenom are in touch with many of the setbacks of traditional approaches to talent management, and have created ways to combat the pitfalls and change perception of what is possible. If an organization is looking to invest in people, it should consider Phenom’s offering.

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