About our Analyst Perspectives

The Ventana Research Analyst Perspective is digital content that provides an analyst’s view of a current business, industry or technology vendor trend. Each Analyst Perspective presents the voice of the analyst as an established subject matter expert, reporting on new technological developments or relevant dynamics in the market. The analyst perspective is already created and can be selected from our library of them.

By leveraging our analysts perspectives, you can:

  • Provide thought leadership through the voice of industry analyst on a topic critical for your marketing and sales efforts
  • Generate demand and leads by using it throughout your digital marketing processes
  • Elevate your brand and engage the audience with substantive education on a topic.

Using our analyst perspective that is independently written can directly engage organizations to get analysis and recommendations on what to improve. Ventana Research is the only industry analyst firm that generates customized digital content with subject matter expertise and it’s own market research facts.