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Build engaging campaigns with trusted independent content

Ventana Research provides advisory and content services to help boost your marketing and sales efforts. From building a digital experience that tells a story, to filling in gaps to add a sense of authority to campaigns already in motion, our content supplements your campaign, allowing you flexibility to maximize your sales and marketing endeavors. Take a look and see how Ventana Research can help you succeed.

Why use our Digital Content

The importance of content marketing: In a crowded space, having digital content that stands out through an effective experience is essential to increase the conversion from top to bottom of the funnel. Using 3rd-party content is not just an opportunity, but crucial to communicate a story that engages buyers into marketing campaigns. By using our independent content, you can:

  • provide your prospects access to data that is relevant to their challenges
  • highlight your company as a valued source of education and insights
  • establish conversations that help your buyers see the full business potential
  • provide value to customers and prospects with engaging digital content

Independent content that is combined with influencer marketing can align your business and products with a trusted brand, creating the engagement your prospects need in order to build trust in your company.

Discover how we can help build your campaigns with digital content.

Finding the Right Fit

While having the right content matters, how that content is presented can impact performance as well. To help use the right content at the right stages, Ventana Research mapped all our content types to the buyer's journey. Take a look and find the right style of content for your campaigns.




The Buyer's Journey


There’s a problem I may or may not know about

Enlighten Enlighten
Content to Use
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Exploration &

Searching and learning about all possible solutions and options

Explain Explain
Content to Use
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Interest &

Short list of products and how are they going to make us happy

Help Help
Content to Use
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Explicit reason to buy

Illuminate Illuminate
Content to Use
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You are our business partner

Appreciate Appreciate
Content to Use
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The Ventana Research Difference

Ventana Research believes that because every business is different, our services and client experience needs to be flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs. That's why our content services provide various formats and styles to ensure our content fits with your needs. Our goal is to help you succeed, and these are some of the ways we do it:


Independent digital content from the dedicated teamwork of analyst, research, product and client success professionals


Utilize agile and collaborative project management processes to ensure the highest quality digital content in the time expected


Digital content that is designed to be web responsive and brand-embeddable to adapt with buyer consumption patterns across mobile and web experiences


Market research-infused content with subject matter experts aligned and trusted by buyers for nearly 20 years.


Broadest market portfolio of actionable and interactive content in the medium and duration in the top-to-bottom marketing funnel and sales pipeline