About our Research Perspectives

The Ventana Research Perspective is digital content that creates awareness of an issue or opportunity. It is a relatively short discussion-starter, designed to offer research- and experience-based insights that will create an interest in further education.

We provide that perspective in two to three pages in length. It is a quick read, consumable within 10 to 15 minutes, and cannot go into very great detail. It is the 30,000-foot view of an area, meant to orient someone to begin to think about a topic in a new or different way. We include only our market facts in our content and your organization will have exclusive license rights. The research perspective can provide significant value to your organization and your campaigns; through it you will be able to:

  • Provide thought leadership on a topic critical for your marketing and sales efforts
  • Generate demand and leads by using it throughout your digital marketing processes
  • Elevate your brand and engage the audience with substantive education on a topic.

Our research perspective can help you mature and generate leads on a topic that resonates with your brand and products. Ventana Research is the only industry analyst firm that generates customized digital content with subject matter expertise and market research facts.