About our Infographics

The Ventana Research Infographic is digital content that establishes the importance of a specific issue, market development or opportunity using an engaging graphical format. It is a brief, tightly focused introduction, covering major points or best practices at an introductory level.

We provide this view over four graphical frames, containing a total of 7 research facts. It is a very quick introduction designed to engage customers and provide support to your value proposition. Infographics can provide significant value to your organizations and your campaigns; through it you will be able to:

  • Provide thought leadership through the voice of the analyst on a topic critical for your marketing and sales efforts
  • Generate demand and leads by using it throughout your digital marketing processes
  • Elevate your brand and engage the audience with a thought leader on a topic.

Our infographics utilizes our research and expertise, and can help accelerate the knowledge of an organization to recognize and act on market trends. Ventana Research is the only industry analyst firm that generates customized digital content with subject matter expertise and it’s own market research facts.