Ventana On-Demand

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Ventana On-Demand is a business technology and market research advisory service. We provide you with personalized insights from exclusive benchmark research, real-world experience, and deep industry knowledge to present the most accurate lens on the intersection of business and technology. 

Using a mix of one-on-one advisory, premium research access, and use of research facts and analyst perspectives, this comprehensive service allows us to help you take the next step toward improving your company’s efforts across marketing, sales, product, and market strategy. Advisory sessions include Market Strategy, Sales Strategies, Messaging, New Products, Upcoming Events, Industry Topics, or Ad-hoc topics (excluding research consulting (Benchmark and Value Index) or competitive intelligence assessment).

Services Include:

Dedicated Client Team

Quotes & Media References

Prospect References

Premium Research Access

Analyst Perspective Usage

1-hour Briefings

Ventana On-Demand

1-hour Advisory Sessions


Strategy Engagement Session

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