Ventana On-Demand

The Challenge

Technology vendors are faced with new challenges and fierce competition each day. For every vendor, gauging the shifting market landscape and optimizing the positioning and messaging of your organization and products with clarity in your differentiation is no easy job. Elevating your digital innovation and ensuring you are adapting to the always-increasing pace of change can be overwhelming to know what actions to take and decision to make.



Fierce Competition


Shifting Market Landscape


Differentiating Message

Ventana On-Demand as a Solution:

Ventana On-Demand helps technology vendors to understand market trends and maintain their competitive edge. With Ventana On-Demand, you will tap into a dedicated client team that provides guidance based on expertise and experience using the latest market research to build buyer trust. Empower your marketing, sales, product, partner and customer teams with access and guidance from objective industry analysts to identify opportunities to sharpen your market strategy and plans.


Identify Opportunities


Understand Market Trends


Build Buyer Trust


Gain Objective Guidance

The Ventana Research Difference

Ventana Research believes that because every business is different, our services and world-class client experience needs to be flexible and responsive to our clients needs. That's why, as part of Ventana On-Demand, we provide proactive updates on research and advisory, self-service tools for scheduling and education, a team focused on all aspects of our partnership, and more. Our goal is to help you succeed, and these are some of the ways we do it:



Gain immediate access to full range of advisory and research value in the Ventana On-Demand (VOD) client portal



Provide self-service scheduling and proactive digital advisory from teamwork of our trusted industry analysts



Excellent client experience from dedicated teamwork of account, client, analyst and research teams



Utilize essential analyst and research validation through use of advisory, market assertions, facts, charts and prospect reference calls



Gain purchasing incentives in additional services and gain incremental savings to help maximize value of investment


Helping provide guidance and direction

Ventana On-Demand is a technology and market research advisory service that provides you with personalized insights from subject matter experts using our exclusive market research backed with real-world experience with the industry knowledge. This foundation provides the most accurate lens from the intersection of business and technology to guide your market direction. 


Using a unique mix of advisory and research facts and charts with analyst perspectives and premium market research, this comprehensive service allows us to help you take the next step toward improving your market position and assistance across marketing, sales, product and partnering needs. Advisory sessions can be used to provide feedback and assistance on your strategy and plans across your organization or address key challenges with the market of buyers. Need fresh thinking and strategic guidance in longer time durations? Our market strategy and consulting services can be purchased to meet your specific needs.


Services Include:

Dedicated Client Team

Advisory Sessions

Analyst Perspective License

Premium Community Access

Priority Briefings

Prospect References


Quotes and Research Assertions

Research Charts and Fact Usage

Strategy Engagement Session

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